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The Destruction of Christianity in the Middle East

It is one of those beautiful Sunday mornings England seems to do so well: sunlight streams across wet grass and the air is filled with the busy chatter of sparrows and the sweet, milky smell of the calves across the … Continue reading

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Christian Freedoms Are Worth Fighting For

Before 2003, there were over one million Christians in Iraq. Today, there are   as few as 200,000. A shocking and unacceptable systematic purging of Christians! The Telegraph has the whole article.  

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A Post-Christian Middle East?

There have been Christians in the Middle East since the time of, well, Christ. Now that two millennium-long history could be in danger… CNN has the rest here.  

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The ‘Almost Unremarked’ Tragedy of Christians Persecuted in the Middle East

For 15 years Canon Andrew White has led Iraq’s only Anglican church, in an increasingly menacing period for Christians across the Middle East.   Read on here.   

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Patriarch of Antioch Thanks Russian Church for Defending Christians in Middle East

On the Russian Orthodox Church website: His Beatitude Patriarch John X of Great Antioch and All the East sent a message to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, in which he expressed his gratitude for the efforts … Continue reading

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Damascus: What’s Left

Damascus: What’s Left. Another heart-breaking look at the war in Syria.        

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The Arab Collapse

Col Ralph Peters writes that the entire Arab world is in the process of reordering itself.  

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Archaeology after the Arab Spring

The transformative political events in the Middle East over the past two years have had, among many other unexpected outcomes, profound effects on the direction of research in Near Eastern archaeology.  War and civil unrest act as both a carrot … Continue reading

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Militant Islam the Greatest Threat to Middle Eastern Christianity

A British think tank has released a lengthy report claiming that militant Islam is the greatest existential threat to Middle Eastern Christianity, bringing Christian communities in the region “close to extinction.” The London-based Civitas, also known as the Institute for … Continue reading

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Israel: Rockets Rain Down on Israel. Tensions Rise in the Middle East

Virtue Online: Last night I was watching CNN and Jenny (5) said, “What are those? Rockets?” It was footage of the fighting between Hamas and the IDF. I answered (without thinking about it), “Yeah, they’re firing rockets at Israel,” and … Continue reading

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