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UCA News: Apart from praying and lamenting, is there anything else that concerned outsiders, such as the Western churches, should be doing to help Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq? That is a real question, not least because … Continue reading

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The Destruction of Christianity in the Middle East

It is one of those beautiful Sunday mornings England seems to do so well: sunlight streams across wet grass and the air is filled with the busy chatter of sparrows and the sweet, milky smell of the calves across the … Continue reading

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Muslims Attack 1800 Year Old Christian Church, And Completely Burn It Down And Destroy It

Shoebat.com: Muslims in Mosul, Iraq, burned and destroyed a 1800 year old Catholic church. Informed sources said that the organization of the so-called Islamic State in Mosul, “Daash” had completely burned down the Syriac Catholic Diocese in Mosul, the sources … Continue reading

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Crucifix Vandalised Again in Mumbai, Christians Protest

Christian Today. A crucifix in Mumbai that was vandalised in December 2013 was once again attacked and desecrated on Monday, 14th July 2014 early morning and arrested a lone Catholic man instead of the real culprits, prompting Christian bodies to organize … Continue reading

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Sudan Bans Construction of New Churches

Sudan has prohibited the construction of any new church in the country which has been under an Islamic regime since 1989. The Sudanese Minister of Guidance and Religious Endowments Shalil Abdullah announced that the government will henceforth not issue permits … Continue reading

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Iran To Restore 3 Armenian Churches

Iran is ready to launch works for restoration of 3 Armenian churches in the Tghmut river basin. The Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Atrpatakan, Supreme Archimandrite Grigor Chiftchyan addressed the Aras economic zone department for protection of cultural and … Continue reading

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Why the Media Doesn’t Cover Jihadist Attacks on Middle East Christians

“To their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting Him to public disgrace”—Hebrews 6:6 The United Nations, Western governments, media, universities, and talking heads everywhere insist that Palestinians are suffering tremendous abuses from the … Continue reading

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Suicide Bus Bombing Kills South Korean Christians on Holy Land Pilgrimage

If nobody else is going to say it, I will: Stay out of Egypt! A bus full of South Korean Christians who saved money for years in order to visit biblical sites in Egypt and Israel were attacked Sunday by … Continue reading

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American Atheists’ Super Bowl Billboard Makes Fun of ‘Hail Mary’ Prayer

  Wicked atheists: American Atheists is putting up a new billboard making fun of prayer outside Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, where the Super Bowl is scheduled to take place on Sunday. The 14 feet by 48 feet billboard features … Continue reading

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Sole Survivor of a Harrowing Religious Cleansing Operation Has a Message For You

Late in the evening of November 28 last year, Habila Adamu was at home with his wife and kids in the Yobe state of Northern Nigeria when visitors stopped by. He opened the door, shocked to find gunmen wearing robes … Continue reading

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