Statue of Baby Jesus Stolen from Church Creche

Not nice at all:

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) – Parishioners at St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church in Cranston are appalled — after a statue of the Baby Jesus was stolen from the church creche, seemingly during the major snowstorm that followed Christmas. “Right after the snowstorm… I noticed that there were footprints going up to the creche,” the Rev. Anthony Verdelotti told Eyewitness News on Monday…

“We went and looked inside it, and sure enough the statue of the Baby Jesus was missing.” Father Verdelotti just wants the person responsible for the theft to bring the baby statue back. “I’m hoping that whoever took it will return it, no questions asked. It would be a nice gesture… It’d be nice if they returned it the way they took it, in the middle of the night — and we wake up in the morning and the baby’s back in the crib…

More here.

And this is not the first such story I have read of late. Vandalism and thievery directed towards Churches seems to be sadly on the increase.


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