In Caritate Non Ficta

Philip Johnson is a seminarian suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. He blogs here, documenting his life and faith.

You can read a background here.

And then watch this:

Seminarian Philip Johnson from Deacon Watkins on Vimeo.

Please join us in praying for him. 

HT:   Fr Z

One thought on “In Caritate Non Ficta

  1. I have been praying for him for a year as a Charismatic Catholic. Actually, Nov. 17, 2014. I’ve wondered if he felt anything that early morning or slept through it. It was at 0130AM, I am a retired night nurse. I have a gift w laying on of hands=pain is changed=lessen, gone for a short time, or gone. A frozen shoulder was released. Total body muscle spasms were released on a soldier. I live at Ft. Bragg. I missed his blessing into a deaconate. I was pulled in so many directions. I am from Philly were he is in the seminary. (Oxford). My niece has a letter from Mother Theresa. My sister-in-law was a friend w a priest from high school in Lowell, Mass. I can’t recall his name. He became a friend w Mother Theresa when he was in Mississippi. He was building boys and girls’ homes and she gave him money for his ministry w a follow up letter and he sent it to Sally (RIP). I asked for a loan of it. But we decided for a piece of it w a copy of the original. Praying that will help. My heart tells me he will be all right. My word of knowledge is correct sometimes.
    i.e. my head RN had metastatic colon cancer. God told me she would be healed. She was for 8 or 10 years. That is a long time w her cancer. But it came back. She lived through graduations, weddings and a grandchild. Praise God. See???
    Continuing to pray. If I get Mother Theresa’s letter piece. I am driving up to give it to him to pray w him. I wonder how many St. Caprian statues he has?? One more is coming.(smile)
    in Christ’s love

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