Priest Answers Cellphone During Mass

A question via Fr Z:

My wife attended Mass today with my children for our homeschooling co op. There were two priests concelebrating the Mass. The older priest’s cell phone started ringing and he got up and went to the side (Still on the altar) and took the call.

My children keep asking if this is ok? This is very confusing for them since we never see this happen when we attend the Mass in the EF?

How should we proceed?

If you have feather pillows, place them on a horse drawn cart.   Then, carefully lifting the pot of tar onto the back of the cart, light your torches and heft your pitchforks.

But seriously… we don’t know the reason for the call.  Perhaps he was waiting to hear if he had won the lottery, or had perhaps been chosen to appear on American Idol.  Perhaps he was waiting for notice about an indictment or a stock deal or news about someone who was dying.

It might have been really important!   Then again, maybe not.

I can understand a priest forgetting his cellphone in his pocket, and, it going off, digging it out and then turning it off and/or ignoring it.   I can understand that.  Really.

But answering it during Mass?

That’s just plain wrong.

Gosh, it is shocking! Indeed, totally unacceptable…

The rest is here.


Liturgy of Lament and Repentance Tomorrow in Ireland

I spoke about the need for this just the other day.

On next Sunday 20th February at 3pm, a Liturgy of Lament and Repentance for the sexual abuse of children by priests and religious will be held in St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, within the framework of the Apostolic Visitation of the Archdiocese of Dublin.

The liturgy will ask the forgiveness of God and of all survivors for the failure of those Church leaders and many others in the family of the Church to respond with love, integrity, honesty, understanding and compassion to the pain and distress of survivors.

During the liturgy, which has been prepared principally by survivors, Cardinal Sean O’Malley and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will wash the feet of a group of people who have suffered in various ways through abuse.