British worry me, says Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

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Bible Archaeology

What was Israel’s ‘Capital’ Before the Monarchy?

Quick… off the top of your head, name 5 of the most important biblical cities.

No doubt Jerusalem is on your list? Go ahead and stretch it to 10 important biblical cities.

Perhaps your list has cities such as Bethlehem (a city of judges, kings and Jesus),  or Jericho. Maybe your list includes Samaria, Dan, Jezreel, even Antioch, Ephesus or Rome.

Does the list include Shiloh? Shiloh was Israel’s most important city for several hundred years. Its occupation by Israelites and its destruction centuries later marked the beginning and end of an important era. I imagine many of us would not list Shiloh as a ‘Top 5′ city, perhaps not even a ‘Top 10′. Pity, because Shiloh was central to early Israel.

Shiloh is not so famous among Christians. This is understandable. The city of Shiloh was prominent in the time of the Judges, a centuries-long period of which we know relatively little. Shiloh usually serves as a backdrop to famous stories and people…

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