Total Depravity: Drunk Priest in Jail

This is no way for a Priest (or anyone for that matter) to behave. And the sad thing here is, drunk or not, his words probably say quite a lot about his character:

[A] Ukranian Byzantine Catholic Church [Ohio] priest was arrested and transported to a holding cell at police headquarters.

While hand cuffed to a wall, Kury ‘unzipped his pants and exposed his penis’, according to a police report.

He then became so ‘irrational, upset and verbally abusive’ that officers began videotaping the rest of his booking. During his 23-minute, expletive-riddled rant, he rambles incoherently about everything from religion, sex, Libya, Sarah Palin and even Oprah Winfrey. He also sings parts of the Star Spangled Banner.

Kury’s alcohol blood content measured two times over the legal limit.

After repeatedly asking the jailer where his car was, he got very upset when informed it had been impounded, clearly having no recollection of what happened. He pleaded not guilty today to drunk driving charges and will voluntarily enter an alcohol rehabilitation facility in Maryland. He will also have to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and his driving privileges were suspended.

Kury’s attorney, Walter Benson, said his client realises he needs help for an alcohol problem and is extremely embarrassed by the video.

And so he should be.

The Daily Mail has the full video(s) but with a warning for strong (filthy) language.

Shocking! I’m afraid that he has lost all credibility as a Priest.


Some Good News from Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand


The dean of earthquake-shattered Christchurch said he wept Saturday at the “unbelievable news there were no bodies in the rubble of the city’s cathedral.

Since the 6.3 magnitude quake on February 22, it was feared there were as many as 22 bodies buried in the rubble of the 130-year-old cathedral, the centrepiece of New Zealand’s second city.

But the dean, Peter Beck, said he was advised early Saturday by the head of the Urban Search and Rescue task force there were no bodies inside.

I was expecting to get a call from him saying they had found a body and I and my colleagues were going to go down and say prayers at the side of the body.

“But of course I got this other news and I just burst into tears. I was speechless, it was unbelievable.”

The confirmed death toll from the destructive earthquake stood at 165 on Saturday and police had previously said they expected it to rise to more than 240, although this figure may now be reduced.

Police superintendent Sandra Manderson told Radio New Zealand that officials were trying to establish where the estimate of 22 people trapped in the cathedral had come from and the list of missing people was being reviewed.

Urban search and rescue have cleared the whole area, they’ve cleared the tower, they’ve cleared the church and they’ve cleared the immediate surrounding area all round the church, and they’ve found no bodies,” she said.

“It will be really good if (the likely toll) does go down, and it’s highly possible.”…

We are indeed grateful to God in His mercy. I had heard it reported on the news that some tourists died when the bell tower collapsed. Thankfully now we know this is not so.

… Officials have said it will take at least 10 years to rebuild Christchurch. The reconstruction bill for the city has been estimated at up to NZ$16 billion ($12 billion).

Read all here.


Interpol Locates Stolen Icons in London Gallery

They belong in Churches:

Stolen icons from churches and monasteries in the mountainous Zagorohoria region of Ioannina, NW Greece, were discovered in a London gallery by Interpol, during an operation held with the assistance of New Scotland Yard

According to an announcement on Friday, six of the stolen icons have been identified while an investigation is still underway

Stolen icons from Greece have also been discovered in Berlin but their exact number and the regions from where they were stolen remain undisclosed. 

For the record, dozens of icons and sections of chancel screens have been stolen in the past two years from churches and monasteries in the region.