Why We Must Fast

The Lenten Fast
There are some in the Church who would opine that one need not necessarily give something up during Lent, but instead it may be beneficial to add something – usually it is recommended to add either some act of charity for the poor (almsgiving) or to take more time for reading the Bible (prayer). It seems that such persons have scarcely realized that the practices of Lent are three: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It will not do simply to practice one of the three, leaving the others aside.
Indeed, it needs be stressed that, of the three practices, fasting is the most important to consider – for it is the fast which most characterizes the season of Lent. Moreover, while the giving of alms and prayer are necessary always, the Lenten Fast is practiced only for these forty days: How great a folly it would be to miss it!
The above and more is at The New Theological Movement.

2 thoughts on “Why We Must Fast

  1. You’re right Father, but I’d like to say that most who add prayer and almsgiving to their spiritual ‘profile’ are probably well past the ‘let’s give up chocolate (or spinach) for Lent’, or ‘let’s not watch Dancing with the Stars for Lent’ crowds, who don’t understand the purpose of such self-denials. But if they knew what they’re doing, limiting how much television, or how many sweets you consume IS a way of fasting, in the modern day, is it not?

    1. Lent is indeed the longest and strictest fasting season of the year. But it really boils down to spiritual discipline now doesn’t it? Fasting from (certain) foods – which is the real intention behind Lenten fasting – is intended as spiritual preparation so as to gain a deeper experience and/or closer communion with God.

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