Delayed Funerals?

How ridiculous!

When Sue Walker’s dad died in January, she immediately began planning his services — for July. To honor her father… Walker and far-flung family members will play some golf and cards, drink some scotch andcall it a day,” she said. “If we can have everybody here and do something he loved, it will be more of a tribute,” Walker said.

Although some funeral experts suggest immediate services to help in the grieving process, more families are waiting weeks or even months to hold memorials…

“Each circumstance is different,” said Daniel McGraw of Gill Brothers Chapels. “My neighbor’s mom just died and they just don’t want to go out to the cemetery until the spring. … Sometimes they don’t want to pull the kids out of school or they have a long-planned vacation to Mexico and they don’t want to lose the $1,000 they already paid for the trip.”

In a few cases, people just have difficulty finding an open date in their hectic schedules.

“It’s sad but true,” McGraw said. “A lot of people’s lives are busy, and they’re postponing funerals for convenience’s sake. It’s a sign of the times.”

More here.

Another trend in faithless, selfish and degenerate times yes…


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