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Islamic Scholars Prepare to Sue Israel over Archaeology

Yeah, but it’s okay for them to plough up the Temple Mount unchecked.

On Wednesday a committee of experts from several Arab countries met in Amman, Jordan, to gather documents that will be brought before the International Court of Justice in an attempt to start legal actions against Israel’s archeological excavations in Jerusalem. According to the Jordanian representative to UNESCO, Moawiyah Ibrahim, Israeli authorities are using archeological findings for political gains. “Israel has used Biblical texts to support their national narrative and have disregarded Arab-Islamic heritage,” he said. The committee will also suggest that UNESCO gets an increased role in the old city of Jerusalem which is listed on the organizations endangered heritage sites list.


Debunking the ‘Gospel Conspiracy’ Theory

As Fr Philip notes:

… this monster pokes its multi-heads out of its cave every Lenten/Holy Week/Easter season.

Catholic Culture:

As Lent advances and Holy Week draws near, we can safely predict that the radical intellectuals of the “Jesus Seminar” will soon be making their annual appearance in the headlines. Each year, as devout Christians prepare to observe their most solemn holy days, these dissenters make a new effort to deconstruct the faith. Watch for it: coming soon to your local media outlets.

By now we know roughly what we should expect. The critics of Christianity have created an orthodoxy of their own. Whether their ideas are conveyed in pseudo-scholarship of Elaine Pagels or the sensationalist novels of Dan Brown, they emphasize the same basic themes. Jesus did not do and say what the Gospels record, they inform us. The real nature of Christ’s teaching, they claim, was suppressed by sinister forces in the early Church. As evidence to support their claim, they cite documents such as the “Gospel of Thomas” or the “Gospel of Judas”—documents which, they tell us, those sinister forces suppressed.

This year, fortunately, we have available a powerful antidote to the deconstructionist argument…

Find out more here.


Japan Reactor Crisis: Satellite Pictures Reveal Damage

National Geographic has them:

A plume of white steam billows from ruined reactor 3 (the second structure from the left) at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as seen in a Wednesday satellite image—two days after an explosion blew the roof off the unit’s secondary containment building.

Varying levels of damage are visible in the all four reactor units at left, while the two tall white rectangular structures at right, reactor buildings 5 and 6, remain intact.

Authorities on site are resorting to ever more desperate measures to quell the worst nuclear crisis in 25 years, which began after Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami resulted in loss of power to the generating station’s crucial cooling systems.

To avert a catastrophic meltdown, authorities have tried dropping water from helicopters and shooting it from military trucks’ water cannons. But radiation levels are creating peril for workers, and residents within a 12-mile (20-kilometer) radius have been evacuated. U.S. officials have urged a wider evacuation area and warn that it could take weeks to get the crisis under control.

More here.

Do also read CNN’s Japan’s nuclear concerns explained. Interactive and helpful.