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Israel’s Messianic Jews Face Orthodox Persecution

Via BosNewsLife: Representatives of a Messianic Jewish community in the southern Israeli town of Arad said Monday, March 21, they face “increased persecution” by ultra-Orthodox Jews who accuse the believers of missionary activities and want them to leave Israel. “Last … Continue reading

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Why Bethsaida Is Not Found Along the Shore of the Sea of Galilee

There is one common misconception. When people stand on the Tell and look out over the Beteiha Plain toward the lake, their immediate response is, “You mean the water level was higher then?” The answer must be a clear and … Continue reading

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Megachurches Becoming Gigachurches

Over the last decade, America’s 100 largest churches doubled in size: In 2000, the 100 largest churches in the United States all had average weekly attendance of 4,000 people or more. In 2010, only churches with average weekly attendance of … Continue reading

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Secret Hoard of Ancient Sealed Books Found in Jordan

Following on yesterday’s news on the ‘Jesus Tablets’, we have the full press release: Note: Found on the codices: The codices show many symbols of the Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot, which wasassociated with the enthronement of the ancient Davidic kings in … Continue reading

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Franciscan Guardians of Holy Land Sites Launch New Website

Well if the website is as neat and well looked after as the sites they look after (guarded) in the Holy Land are, then it should be fantastic: The Franciscans in the Holy Land, who’ve been charged by the Vatican … Continue reading

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‘Sex’ Potion Kills Four Women

Stupid… Really stupid: Four women, who include an inyanga’s daughter, have died trying to enhance their sexual prowess. Three of the women were employed by a hair salon in the same building as the inyanga whose daughter died. The building is … Continue reading

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The Sad State of the Traditional Anglican Communion

TAC: The Unhappy Anglican House of Archbishop John Hepworth Confusion reigns over Pope’s offer of Anglicanorum Coetibus VirtueOnline reports: A personal ordinariate offered by Pope Benedict XVI for traditionalist Anglicans has divided the American branch of the of the Traditional Anglican … Continue reading

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