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Secret Hoard of Ancient Sealed Books Found in Jordan

Following on yesterday’s news on the ‘Jesus Tablets’, we have the full press release:

Note: Found on the codices:

  • The codices show many symbols of the Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot, which wasassociated with the enthronement of the ancient Davidic kings in Jerusalem, and laterwith the coming of the Messiah. 
  • There are clear images of the menorah (the seven branched lamp), leafy branches andetrogim, the large citrus fruits used at Tabernacles.
  • There are also fruiting palm trees, well known from coins of the late second templeperiod and the time of the Bar Kochba war.

Sounds very exciting! More will follow I’m sure.

HT:   who else?

UPDATE I:  A photo:

UPDATE II:   The BBC has more details and photos here.

UPDATE III:  A video of the above here.

4 thoughts on “Secret Hoard of Ancient Sealed Books Found in Jordan

  1. It includes the Book of Revelations too?! Goodness! PUBLISH PUBLISH PUBLISH IT! We need a big revival in America to clear out some of these corrupted churches!

  2. Rejoicing in this news. The Lord Jesus Christ called those who believed without being able to see Him as blessed. It has always been a walk of faith and will be to the end. The enemy continues to block evidence that proves Jesus Christ is who He always claimed to be, Messiah and Savior of the World.

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