Fr John Corapi Tagged: ‘Pedophile’

By Google:

Despite the fact that accusations against popular Catholic preacher Father John Corapi have nothing to do with children, Google has tagged news about the cleric into its “Pedophile” category. Searching for the latest news about Father Corapi on Google yields the following screen (captured Mon., 3/21/11 at 12:07pm EDT):

This is unfortunate, to say the least. It also reveals a lot about the mindset of those in the media: that the mere mention of “Catholic priest” conjures up the word “pedophile.”

And never mind the fact that data clearly shows that the Church abuse scandals were not about “pedophilia,” although the media has often portrayed them that way.

The above was here.

For a background on the Fr Corapi story, click here or here.

2 thoughts on “Fr John Corapi Tagged: ‘Pedophile’

  1. Fr.Corapi is being unjustly accused, but lets remember satan hated him him because he changed his life and clung to the blessed Virgin Mary, throughout his preaching years he has spoken clear as water, of hhoow satan is lose in our lifes and the satanic worshipers among us, he met many hollywood so called powerful people in satan, that want to get him out because Fr.Corapi has brought so much good to us in Jesus’s name and Our Lady.
    Fr.Corapi has preached about hell and sin like not many priest would dare out of human respect.
    We must pray, the Chapplet of Mercy for those wicked people and for Fr.Corapi to have strenght in these dark nights.

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