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Religion Will Be Studied in all Russian Schools by 2012

Well, they seem to be moving in a far better direction than the West: Moscow (AsiaNews) – After a trial year, “Foundations of religious culture and ethics” will be taught in all Russian schools throughout the country next year, the Russian … Continue reading

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Anglican Cathedral to Host Tarot Card Readers and ‘New Age’ Festival

As if I still need to remind you of the perilous state of the Church of England? For pointing out their erroneous ways, I’ve been called an ‘idiot’ by their ministers. Well let me say now, quite frankly, if you’re still … Continue reading

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Holy Thorn Tree at Glastonbury Grows Again

Which is an ancient symbol of Christianity in Britain, has begun to grow again after being thwacked,  ripped and chopped by some hooligan vandals: As a Christian symbol, it seems appropriate that its resurrection took place in time for Easter. Glastonbury’s Holy … Continue reading

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Crisis in the Catholic Church: ‘needs to haunt us’

After the devastating revelations in Philadelphia this past month, Catholic leaders and Catholic laity are asking, “Will it ever end?” Will there be a time when we won’t be blindsided by new revelations of abuse and new revelations of allegations … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Archaeological Sites Stand Unguarded

Concerned archaeologists called today on Egypt’s Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to return police to archaeological sites. The move is required to put an end to illegal excavations and wild looting of storehouses and tombs. “The desecration of archaeological sites and … Continue reading

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