Anglican Cathedral to Host Tarot Card Readers and ‘New Age’ Festival

As if I still need to remind you of the perilous state of the Church of England?

For pointing out their erroneous ways, I’ve been called an ‘idiot’ by their ministers. Well let me say now, quite frankly, if you’re still part of this apostate and now clearly even occult dabbling denomination, then you need to seriously re-evaluate your faith and what it is you subscribe to, and are indeed a part of… 

Manchester Cathedral is to host a ‘new agefestival featuring tarot card readers, crystal healers and ‘dream interpretation’.

Local Anglican leaders have agreed to throw open the doors of the historic cathedral in a bid to embrace alternative forms of Christianity. [!]

Fortune tellers, meditation experts and traditional healers will fill the pews during the day-long festival in May. The Bishop of Manchester, Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, said he wanted to celebrate ‘all forms of spirituality’.

The Spirit of Life festival on May 2 will also feature stalls and workshops on angels, prayer bead-making and massage.

Fire-breathing vicar Rev Andy Salmon, of Sacred Trinity Church and St Philip with St Stephen in Salford, will also perform.

Bishop Nigel said the unconventional activities were not incompatible with Christian belief

It comes after the Manchester diocese held its first-ever stall at the Mind Body Spirit festival at Manchester Central.

Mind Body Spirit is aimed at self exploration and self improvement and was held in Manchester in November…

Read more on this New Age mumbo jumbo here.

See, this is what happens when sound doctrine is abandoned. Now just about anything goes. And this latest misguided endeavour is simply incompatible with the practice of Christian faith and should be denounced as evil. Blending Christianity and New Age practices distorts God, His Son Jesus Christ and His Word and reduces them to some kind of impersonal energy in a gnostic matrix. Moreover, divination, of any kind, is to be rejected as it is nothing more than a recourse to Satan and his minions.

Wikipedia has an entry on the Manchester Cathedral here.

2 thoughts on “Anglican Cathedral to Host Tarot Card Readers and ‘New Age’ Festival

  1. This is sick. The statement, “the unconventional activities were not incompatible with Christian belief” makes my blood curdle and it stands it wilful contrast to the revealed will of God.

    I’m disgusted but I’m not left in disbelief. The church’s downward spiral is intertwined in its departure from Scripture as the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.

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