Terry Jones May Put Mohammed on Trial

Terry Jones, the radical pastor who oversaw the burning of a Koran in his Florida church last month after a mock court hearing, may put the Islamic prophet Mohammed on trial in his next ‘day of judgement’, he told The Sunday Telegraph.

“It is definitely a consideration to stage a trial on the life of Mohammed in the future,” he said in interview on Saturday.

Such an inflammatory move would almost certainly trigger further violent protests in the Muslim world. But Mr Jones struck an unapologetic stance, insisting that his actions bore no responsibility for the murders in Mazar-i-Sharif…

Read the rest here.

The man has lost it completely.

3 thoughts on “Terry Jones May Put Mohammed on Trial

  1. The Koran is this monstrous book written by the mouthpiece of a sadistic god who calls for our destruction. What is the proper response on our part to this book? To reject it completely. To burn a copy of the Koran is a perfect symbolic expression of our total rejection of this monstrous book. This is what Jones understands and what so few others understand.

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