Are you a Blogger? The Vatican Would Like to See your Site!

The Vatican has called a meeting with bloggers from around the world on May 2, the day after the beatification of John Paul II. It will consist of two sessions meant to share experiences with representatives of the Church and the Vatican to learn first hand the needs of the blogging community…

The 50 Worst Things Glenn Beck said on Fox News

In light of Glenn Beck’s announcement that his Fox News show will be ending, Media Matters for America presents the 50 worst things Beck has said on Fox.

A some of them are really bad! They fall under:

Violent Rhetoric

Breaches Of Common Decency

Paranoid Conspiracy Theories

Apocalyptic Predictions

Attacks On Obama And Other Progressives

Check them out in full here.

Bible Archaeology

Remember the Authentic Ancient Metal Plates

Although the post is written from a LDS (Mormon) perspective, it is interesting nonetheless (and might well cheer up those severely disillusioned by the recent ‘fake’ Jordanian lead codices):

Since the recent events surrounding the seeming forgery of the Jordan Lead Codices, I thought it would be good to bring back to mind the authentic discoveries made within the last century of ancient writings on metal plates. There are literally hundreds of examples of such plates all around the world…

Today it is becoming commonplace to find such ancient texts, which is why in the dozens of media reports on the emergence of the lead plates this past week, not one questioned the fact that the writings were on metal.  In fact, one scholar specifically noted that there were examples of ancient metal tablets made out of copper, bronze, and gold.

Here is a summary of only some of the most prominent findings…  

They include:

  • The Etruscan Gold Book
  • The Pyrgi Gold Tablets
  • The Copper Scroll:

  • Diamond-Cutter Sutra Gold Plates
  • The Silver Scrolls
  • Darius I Persepolis Gold Plates
  • The Orphic Gold Plates
  • The Achaemenid Golden Codex

Check the above out here.

And to think that there may be many more authentic finds out there!


John Piper: ‘Koran-burning is parallel to Christ-crucifying’

And to think that there are numerous books of his on my bookshelf…

Christian Post:

Highly respected evangelical pastor John Piper made a startling yet insightful comment Tuesday when he compared the burning of the Islamic holy book to crucifying Christ.

To help explain Muslims’ violent rage over the Koran burning, Piper cited the writing of U.K. scholar Andrew Walls, founder of the Center for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World, in his book The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History.

In the book, Walls highlighted that a difference between Islam and Christianity is that one is readily translatable while the other resists translation.

“Islamic absolutes are fixed in a particular language, and in the conditions of a particular period of human history. The divine Word is the Koran, fixed in heaven forever in Arabic, the language of original revelation,” wrote Walls. “For Christians, however, the divine Word is translatable, infinitely translatable.”

“Much misunderstanding between Christians and Muslims has arisen from the assumption that the Quran is for Muslims what the Bible is for Christians,” wrote Walls, who was one of the first scholars to study the global church shift away from the West. “It would be truer to say that the Koran is for Muslims what Christ is for Christians.”

Piper caught this last line and concluded that the parallel between Christianity and Islam is not of Christ to Muslim prophet Muhammad and the Koran to the Bible. Rather, the Koran parallels Christ.

“The giving of the Koran is in Islam what the incarnation of Christ is to Christianity,” asserted Piper in a blog posting on the Desiring God website. “If this is so, then Koran-burning is parallel to Christ-crucifying.”

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