Catholic Church Upset With Lady Gaga

The woman is some kind of a lunatic:

The video for Lady Gaga’s new single ‘Judas’ has already been criticised by angry religious groups – despite the fact they haven’t seen it.

The singer is set to appear as Biblical character Mary Magdalene in the video, with actor Norman Reedus taking the role of Judas, reports The Sun.

Earlier this week, Gaga posted a teaser clip titled ‘Gagavision No. 14’, which includes an encounter with a Christian protester picketing one of her live shows.

The clip, which implies that full video will be unveiled on April 19, ends with the words: “‘Judas’ is coming. Let the cultural baptism begin.”

The video hasn’t gone down well with The Catholic League For Religious And Civil Rights, which claimed it is a stunt timed to coincide with its forthcoming Easter celebrations.

President Bill Donahue commented: “People have real talent, and then there is Lady Gaga. I find Gaga to be increasingly irrelevant.

“Is this the only way to jet up her performance? This isn’t random, we are getting closer to holy week and Easter.”…

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Military Chaplains Face Court-martial for ‘Religious, Conscience’ Objection to Homosexual Conduct?

Curtailing of religious liberties to be enacted?

Can this be true?  And yet they said this could/would never happen.

The U.S. Army has officially threatened military chaplains they must either embrace the new openly homosexual military, resign from service, or face court-martial for their “religious, conscience” objections. The Pray In Jesus Name Project has obtained leaked copies (unintended for media disclosure) of a private briefing given to chaplains, threatening them with court-martial unless they compromise their Christian message.

Christian Chaplains who speak out against homosexual sin can be accused of “harassment” by homosexuals and face disciplinary action simply for voicing their religious views outside the “context” of their religious ministry.

[Chaplains’ interpretation: The phrase “vocational reflection” is not-so-subtle code language meaning “reconcile with homosexuality or find another line of work.” The phrase “do NOT tolerate harassment” is code language for “don’t speak against sin, for ANY reason, or you the Chaplain will be disciplined for quoting the Bible, and the homosexual protected.”]Source

“Gay marriage will affect you and you should be concerned. And there’s a lot we can do.” – Bishop Tobin

Advocates of gay marriage hope to convince us it just isn’t so, insisting legalized same sex marriage will never result in churches being forced to go against their teaching and perform gay weddings or host receptions for same sex couples… 

The above and more is at Abbey-Roads.


Spanish Atheists Plan Attacks on Catholics

During Holy Week and World Youth Day:

During an interview on Madrid’s ELA Radio Atheists in Combat, a group representing a coalition of Spanish atheist groups made a public declaration of their intention to  “punish” the Catholic belief, and to “damage” the views of Catholics.

Atheists in Combat went on to praise the burning of churches in 1936, and expressed their intention to “welcome” the Pope “as he deserves”, during the announced visit to World Youth Day which is to be held in Madrid this summer.

Several militant groups in Spain are planning sacrilegious actions against Catholics during Holy Week with the intention of perpetrating ‘hurtful action against the innermost feelings of Christians, around the passion and crucifixion of Christ.

In Madrid atheists plan a parallel procession to the traditional solemn Maundy Thursday  procession. The so called Atheist Procession plans to mock the  Stations of the Cross on one of the most sacred nights of the Catholic faith with public displays of sacrilege, around themes such as, ‘   Brotherhood of the Holy Paedophilia “ , the “Brotherhood of the Holy Larceny Papa’  [Google translation] and disgusting sexual references to Our Lady., the Spanish website states that the public statements by Atheists in Combat and the Atheist Procession  may constitute crimes of threats and insults to religious beliefs, all established in the Penal Code.

More here.

Despicable miscreants.