Jesus as a Bisexual Druggie?!

I suppose we’re coming up for Easter…

Every year it happens. Someone releases a documentary or book saying something awful/ridiculous about Christ or Christianity as a way to cash in and be hailed as speaking truth to power or something. Well this year the writer/con man James Frey is coming out with a book on Good Friday which depicts Christ as a bisexual drug addict who has come back to…I guess do what bisexual druggies do which is take drugs and have sex, I guess. (Hmmm, I wonder how James Frey spends his days.)

Frey has already been exposed as a con man in the past so this is just the next chapter in his “I’ll do anything for money tour” he calls his life.

Read all about the author/con man here.

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Pornographic War Gazing: How Our Lazy Eyes Betray Us

Via Religion Dispatches:

… voyeurism that we participate in when we watch the violence in Libya (or Syria, or Yemen, or Bahrain, or Ivory Coast) is a close cousin of pornography. Both war-watching and porn focus on the graphic, on acts that are only proper when controlled and are always fraught with danger. Despite last month’s scientific revelation that internet pornography might lead to impotence, online sex brings several billions of dollars in profit each year—the pornographic gaze is good for business. The filmmakers and photographers make porn are the equivalent of arms manufacturers in the theater of war. An erect organ on screen shares space, at least in the male mind, with the shooting off of a tomahawk missile. At least in the male mind, war and sex are the playground for male desire and control.

It is easy to blame the war machine or the pornography industry, but the more mundane problem is with our addiction to visual thrills. What some people see as a lack of moral vision (watching a porn video, for example) is perhaps better approached as an amoral astigmatism, a lazy eye, a privileging of the visual over our other evolved senses. The thrill of watching may mingle with compassion for those being harmed, but unless you as a viewer do something to actually alleviate that suffering, you are only a voyeuristic addict, entranced by the power of the gaze…

Read it all here.