Post 500

For those counting (and who is really anyway…) this is post number 500!

I started the blog just at the beginning of this year (having closed my old one) and things seem to be going quite well. Thank you goes to all the faithful readers, new, and those who followed me here from the old place.

Prayerfully, the Risen Lord is getting the glory for this, my little contribution to and in the world of blogging!

Blessings to all for Holy Week.


Pope: Technology Can’t Replace God

The Huffington Post reports:

(VATICAN CITY) – Pope Benedict led Roman Catholics into Holy Week celebrations, telling a Palm Sunday crowd that man will pay the price for his pride if he believes technology can give him the powers of God.

Under a splendid Roman sun, the German pope presided at a colorful celebration where tens of thousands of people waved palm and olive branches to commemorate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem the week before he was crucified.

The pope, who turned 84 on Saturday, wove his sermon around the theme of man’s relationship with God and how it can sometimes be threatened by technology.

“From the beginning men and women have been filled — and this is as true today as ever — with a desire to ‘be like God’, to attain the heights of God by their own powers,” he said, wearing resplendent red and gold vestments.

“Mankind has managed to accomplish so many things: we can fly! We can see, hear and speak to one another from the farthest ends of the earth. And yet the force of gravity which draws us down is powerful,” he said.

While the great advances of technology have improved life for man, the pope said, they have also increased possibilities for evil, and recent natural disasters were a reminder, if any were needed, that mankind is not all-powerful.

If man wanted a relationship with God he had to first “abandon the pride of wanting to become God,” said the pope, celebrating his sixth Easter season as the leader of the world’s some 1.2 billion Roman Catholics…

There is more here.

And very well said!