Vial of Pope John Paul II’s Blood to be Venerated at Beatification

The Catholic Herald:

A small vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood is to be the relic for the Mass for his beatification, the Vatican has said.

The relic will be presented to Pope Benedict XVI and exposed for veneration during the Mass in St Peter’s Square on Sunday, the Vatican said today. After the Mass, it will be kept with other modern relics in the Apostolic Palace.

The Vatican explained that four vials of blood were drawn from Pope John Paul during the final stage of his illness by his personal physician. The vials were sent to the Vatican-owned Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome in case the ailing pope needed a transfusion, it said.

No transfusion was ever needed, and after the death of Pope John Paul on April 2, 2005, two of the vials went to the pope’s personal secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz of Krakow, Poland, and the other two remained in the custody of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul at the hospital, the Vatican said.

One of the vials of blood from the hospital will be presented for veneration at the beatification Mass and be placed in a “precious reliquary specially made” for the occasion, it said.

The second vial will remain at the hospital.

The Vatican said the blood in all four vials has not solidified because an anti-coagulant had been added at the time the blood was drawn.

And a video on this news via Rome Reports TV:

Bible Archaeology

Statue of King Tutankhamun’s Great Grandfather Discovered

And that would be Amenhotep III

A 13 metre tall statue of the 18th dynasty King Amenhotep III is unearthed on Luxor’s west bank.

Ahram Online reports:

During routine excavation work at the site of the King Amenhotep III funerary temple on Luxor’s west bank, an Egyptian excavation mission led by Zahi Hawass, minister for antiquities, unearthed a statue of the king. Thirteen metres in height, the King Amenhotep III statue consists of seven huge quartzite blocks. The statue is without its head.

According to Hawass, the statue is one of a pair that once flanked the northern entrance to the temple, which was damaged by a severe earthquake in 27 BC. The blocks are currently undergoing restoration in an attempt to re-erect the statue in its original position. The pair were previously discovered by Egyptian Egyptologist Labib Habachi and his German colleague Gerhard Haeny in the 1970s. They documented both statues before leaving them at the site, hidden in the sand.

Archaeologist Abdel Ghaffar Wagdi, who supervised the excavation, said that the mission has also discovered two other statues, one depicting the god Thoth as a baboon and one of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet. The Sekhmet statue is made from black granite and is 185 cm tall. The large number of Sekhmet statues found at the temple has led some to believe that Amenhotep III suffered from an illness near the end of his reign and so made offerings to this goddess for protection.

The Telegraph also has the news.

I see that the Egyptian archaeological publicity wheels are in motion again with the return of Dr Zahi Hawass.

Expect further and regular archaeological discoveries, again.


Fake Priest Rips Off Churches

Detroit (WJBK) – He may call himself “Father Joe” or “Father John”, but he’s no Roman Catholic priest.

“It’s awful. On Easter Sunday when people are so full of hope and gratitude and donating to the community,” said Kara Tertzaglividini.

He was polite when he suddenly appeared at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church in Wyandotte at the conclusion of the Polish spoken mass for the resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. He looked like a priest wearing a white collar, but he’s a con man.

“He tends to know things about the parish’s schedule, the layout of the church, where the collections might be kept. He just asks if he can visit father, and he seems to know how to get where he needs to go,” said Joe Kohn with the Archdiocese of Detroit.

The archdiocese is investigating with police and warning that Catholic churches in Detroit, Dearborn and now Wyandotte have been ripped off in these most unholy acts.

“I think it’s just terrible. This is a nice church. It’s a nice community. It’s a shame to see people do that,” said Dawn Chmiel.

The archdiocese says that legitimate priests have had their wallets, a watch and church collection cash ripped off by the guy, but his largest take may have been after Easter Sunday mass in Wyandotte…

Fox has more and a short video here.



A ‘Drive-thru’ Church Service

What madness. Well it’s what a Tennessee church had on offer for Good Friday:

Old Hickory, Tenn.  — An Old Hickory church is offering a drive-thru Good Friday service until midnight.

North Point Community Church is set up inside a former bank building on Donelson Avenue. From midnight Thursday to midnight Friday, people can drive up to the building to drop a burden or sin at the first window. Then they can pull up to the second window and receive a blessing.

Church members said they hope this will be a bright spot in someone’s busy day.

“We want people to know we care because we know Jesus,” said church member Lee Fesler.

The church hopes to offer the service each year.

Pure consumerism.