Vial of Pope John Paul II’s Blood to be Venerated at Beatification

The Catholic Herald:

A small vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood is to be the relic for the Mass for his beatification, the Vatican has said.

The relic will be presented to Pope Benedict XVI and exposed for veneration during the Mass in St Peter’s Square on Sunday, the Vatican said today. After the Mass, it will be kept with other modern relics in the Apostolic Palace.

The Vatican explained that four vials of blood were drawn from Pope John Paul during the final stage of his illness by his personal physician. The vials were sent to the Vatican-owned Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome in case the ailing pope needed a transfusion, it said.

No transfusion was ever needed, and after the death of Pope John Paul on April 2, 2005, two of the vials went to the pope’s personal secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz of Krakow, Poland, and the other two remained in the custody of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul at the hospital, the Vatican said.

One of the vials of blood from the hospital will be presented for veneration at the beatification Mass and be placed in a “precious reliquary specially made” for the occasion, it said.

The second vial will remain at the hospital.

The Vatican said the blood in all four vials has not solidified because an anti-coagulant had been added at the time the blood was drawn.

And a video on this news via Rome Reports TV:


4 thoughts on “Vial of Pope John Paul II’s Blood to be Venerated at Beatification

  1. For me any way, this is the kind of stuff that is over the top! Note, Calvin did not want even a headstone for his grave, (thankfully). And our memory of him is in his writings as a Reformer!

    John Paul the II was a great Christian man make no mistake, but what is our memory of him? I think, as a pastor and man of God, simply! 🙂

      1. Yep! But thankfully Rome, whether they admit it or not? Have themelves “reformed” at times. Note as Melanchton hoped, at The Schmalkald Articles. But has it been enough, and even right at and since Vatican II? This is a great question!

  2. Last vial will be put at St. Eugene de Mazenod Parish (polish parish)in Brampton, Canada. Donated by cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, it was announced today when the church was consecrated today. The other vial held by Stanislaw Dziwisz will go to Poland.

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