‘Pervert’ Pastor

What a charlatan!

Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng claims to have special healing powers and portrays himself as a son of God who deals with evil spirits.

But now the popular television star has been outed as a fake and allegations of sexual assault have surfaced.

Thousands of believers flock to the Incredible Happenings Ministries in Katlehong in the East Rand each Sunday in the hope of receiving miracle cures.

Motsoeneng is the star of his own TV show which airs on Soweto TV every weekend, and viewers have “witnessed” miracles such as wheelchair-bound people being able to walk instantly after receiving miracle cures from the pastor.

People also testify to shocking things like fish, crocodiles and stones coming out of their bodies.

When he goes to preach he is seen driving flashy sports cars and accompanied by heavily armed bodyguards .

But now Motsoeneng has been accused of being a fraud.

According to the Sunday World newspaper, the pastor acts out carefully staged and managed situations on his weekend television show.

Motsoeneng has also been labelled as a “pervert” because of the unusual way he heals people, as well as a “thief” who steals the church’s money.

The newspaper reported that thousands of people had attended his service in Katlehong last week to witness his miraculous demon-banishing service which “resembled a porn movie”, rather than a religious service.

The self-styled prophet Motsoeneng put his fingers into the vaginas of two female congregants as part of a ritual to expel the demons that had allegedly possessed them.

Motsoeneng’s unorthodox demon-banishing methods, which may constitute indecent assault, alarmed other miracle-seekers who attended.

Sitting on the lap of a 17-year-old girl, Motsoeneng placed his hand on her head, and started praying for her.

Motsoeneng told the congregants her tummy had swelled up because some sorcerers had cast an evil spell on her.

As he was praying for her she collapsed. Motsoeneng then told the teenager to open her legs, which she did.

He then plunged his fingers into her vagina.

As he was busy with his “healing process”, Motsoeneng ordered her to call him by his nickname, Mboro.

“Mboro” she said, with a stifled cry.

He was interrupted by a female congregant who brought him a glassful of what looked like ice-cream, which she spoon-fed him. He was still sitting on the woman’s lap.

Despite the huge outcry following Motsoeneng’s “demon banishing” service last weekend, Katlehong police say they are not investigating the matter.

“I cannot comment on the issue,” said Constable Mega Ndobe of the Katlehong police.

We have not received any complaints from anybody so far and the pastor has not engaged in any criminal activity.”

Earlier this year, the Incredible Happenings Church almost had its doors closed permanently after it was revealed that Motsoeneng and his flock had been worshipping on the land unlawfully.

However, the Johannesburg High Court granted them an interdict stopping the council from evicting them from the land where they worship.

Motsoeneng’s TV show is also in jeopardy as Soweto TV is considering pulling the plug.

On the Incredible Happenings Church website, Motsoeneng claims to heal people of different illnesses such as those that affect “vuvuzelas (penis)” and “biscuits (vagina)”.

He even claims that people have been healed from “giving birth to snakes, snails and other creatures”.

The website also has an online store where believers can purchase Incredible Petroleum Jelly, T-shirts, and DVDs – all with Motsoeneng’s face on the products. -Saturday Star


8 thoughts on “‘Pervert’ Pastor

  1. If the Pastor is such a pervert then why did he tell the people about the accusations about him last sunday on his show. Why is this article not telling us why he put his fingers in her vagina because i am sure he had a reason otherwise the girl would not have let him do that to her. I am not siding with the Pastor nor the News paper i just want the story to be clear.In sunday’s episode of incredible happenings the girl told the people that rocks were coming out of her vigina at home when the pastor was not there. Please explain clearly*confused*

  2. I watched yesterday’s episode where Pastor Mbhoro prayed and healed a little boy who had sores all over his tiny body and I can asusre you, what I saw yesterday was not “made Up” that little boy, his grand father and mother were very genuine. Maybe we need to give him a chance before we say terrible things about him.

    To Pastor Mbhoro, if you are for “real” just ignore what the papers are saying about you and continue doing God’s work.

    1. Have you ever thought that the Pastor could have put the rocks there himself. Please lady don’t be fooled easily. I do understand the story is not told from both side. Maybe you should go and find out if this is really true, but be carefull the devil can trick you very easily.. You must be strong in your faith when you go there..

  3. I was healed by the prophet.the story that was publish by sunday world ,it is all lies.the day tht the stone came out from the gal I was there sitted in fron seat ;the Prophet has never put his hand to the gal.I’ve seen everything I saw her tummy swelled and there was a dr and ada ladies.The Prophet was sitted a distance 4rm the gal.these people they don’t know what r thhey talking about.I am no longer sick me now.A child was having sores the whole body ,now the boy is healed

  4. For a long time i thought that this prophet was just all fake but until one day i touched my tv screen as he was praying and i believed him for once.After 2 weeks i caught someone close to me perfoming some rituals using muti while i was sleeping and from there and then i starting seeing a lot of changes in my life and with the power of prayer and following the pastor i was able to move out and could see things differently.Several times i had tried moving out but could not for apparent reason which up to today i could not understand.I also realised that i was not in love with this man and i do not knowhow i came about staying with him.To all the people out there i have one question for you,why do you believe that people are being bewitched and even go to an extend of pointing out a witch in your community but you cannot believe it when the prophet says he can stop all the bad spells cast on you?Why do we allow ourselves to be played by witches and inyangas and when a prophet like him firmly stands against this then we got stories.Phambili mbhoro!phambili!bad publicity will always sell.period.

  5. I have been daignosed with pancreas cancer and would be undergoing the removal surgery next week. Please provide me with the prayer service location for healing.
    Kind regards,

  6. I dont want to comment much on the man of God dealings, but I know its God who heals. Me and my wife had been diagnosed with HIV-AIDS please man of God pray for us, we believe that God can heal aids

  7. Let me clarify something here if we do anything in the name of Jesus every illness wil obey but that does not seek to prove that we are born of God. People don’t be confused if someone iz from God he can’t in what eva way come with confusing stories plz don’t be misled. Kind regards T.DLAMINI Eastern Cape.

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