Why the Jesuits Are Dying Out

The numbers for membership in the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) are bleak. The average age of a Jesuit in the US is nearly 70, and “Jesuit schools” (including Georgetown) find themselves increasingly devoid of any actual Jesuits. Most extreme are those schools like Washington Jesuit Academy, which no longer has any full-time Jesuit staff members, and who president isn’t even Christian. David Mills has a great analysis as to why. I wanted to focus on one specific reason…

Find out what that is here.


2 thoughts on “Why the Jesuits Are Dying Out

  1. Before I got married I spoke with a vocations officer about three years ago now. He wouldnt sign me up because I was uneducated. Told me that I needed high school graduation and at least three years of university behind me before hand. It seems to me that they put more emphasis these days on the candidates education as opposed to their state of Holiness and desire to serve the Church.

    and yet St.Paul in scripture tells us that wisdom is given to the uneducated. I understand that education is important, but I thought that they are meant to give you that education in the seminary. anyways I pray that the Jesuit order will be around for a long time and see itself putting more emphasis on Holiness than PHD’s

    I Criost

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