Embarassment for Google: Blogger Down

Okay, I think I’ll stick with WordPress:

Google’s Blogger platform has suffered serious disruption for over 24 hours after a scheduled piece of maintenance went badly wrong, wiping posts and leaving customers unable to publish to the blogging service.

The embarrassing turn of events began at around 6am BST on Thursday when Blogger went into read-only mode for a routine piece of maintenance.

Google then posted the following message on its status page: “To get Blogger back to normal, all posts since 7:37am PDT on Weds, 5/11 have been temporarily removed.”

The company has remained tight-lipped over the possible cause of the disruption, merely updating customers via the service disruption update page and its Twitter account, and the extent of the problem remains unclear.

“Again, we apologise that this happened and our engineers are working hard to return Blogger to normal and restore your posts and comments,” said a post on the service disruption page. “We will post a report once this work is complete.”

At the time of writing, Google said that it is in the process of restoring all posts that were temporarily removed and that the service will be back to normal “soon”…

Read more here.

A few Blogger blogging friends have been really upset about the outage. One has even started a WordPress blog out of sheer desperation. Not nice when all you want to do is blog.

3 thoughts on “Embarassment for Google: Blogger Down

  1. WordPress still does have some outages, for instance the WordPress dashboard went down in 23 March and took down all the major blogs using WordPress.

  2. Anyone having trouble with Blogger at the moment? I can’t seem to get to anything other than my main page. All other pages, commenting and editing is down.

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