The Congress of Traditional Anglicans

Virtue Online details the Congress of Traditional Anglicans:

To Traditional Anglican Church leaders.
May 14, 2011

You may not have already read the scathing attack on RC Archbishop Collins, who has the responsibility for erection of a Canadian Ordinariate.

“TAC Primate Writes Angry Letter”. Clearly this appears to signify the end of the TAC’s bid to join.

The mission of the upcoming Congress of Traditional Anglicans is to help bring unity to Churches that have committed themselves to the Affirmation of St.Louis, but who through differences in canons and constitution have moved apart.

We hope you will agree that this will be an opportunity for discussions that will help foster unity and give Traditional Anglicans a powerful “voice” that may ensure many worshippers who have been struggling with the ecclesiastical chaos that has impeded the spread of the Gospel.  

We hope you will agree that this will be an opportunity for discussions that will help foster unity and give Traditional Anglicans a powerful “voice” that may ensure many worshippers who have been struggling with the ecclesiastical chaos that has impeded the spread of the Gospel…

Sadly it is in the chaos that Continuing (or Traditional) Anglicanism has become, that the spread of the Gospel has suffered most. What a terrible indictment!

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