New Law: No Sex Until Divorce

Fox in Boston is reporting the upside-down-ness of our culture has reached the tipping point. We are now completely mad.

For generations, society looked askance at premarital sex. First, that was done away with so there was no shame at all to premarital sex. But now this would be the next step:

A new bill on Beacon Hill would ban parents from engaging in sexual relationships within the home until their divorces are final.

Supporters say the bill is meant to prevent domestic violence and shield children while the divorce is underway. Critics say it takes away parents rights.

Sooo…this bill would ensure that married people couldn’t have sex until their divorce? So much for liberals keeping government out of the bedroom, huh?

I’m sure this has no chance of passing but it’s truly awesome to point out how liberalism puts no limits on Big Government as long as it’s seemingly well intended to protect some minority group -as long as that group isn’t the unborn.

The above was here.

You Americans are really weird!


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