The Forgotten Quarter?

People who come to Jerusalem are so fixated on things like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, on matters of Jewish and Christian religion, that one quarter in particular tends to be overlooked. The Armenian Quarter is a place full of history, a place settled by a people who sometimes feel forgotten.

In 301, the Armenian king Tiridates III made Christianity the national religion. Armenian Christianity is very ritualistic and similar to that of the Coptic and Syriac churches.Today in Armenia there remains a small Jewish community and two synagogues.

The early twentieth century is a sad memory for Armenians. Between 1895 and 1920, the Turks killed a million Armenians. The Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem contains a number of plaques and memorials explaining the Armenian Genocide. 

The millions who come on Holy Land trips would do well to spend some time in this quarter of the Old City and read the history as well as learn more about Armenian Christianity, which has roots in very early times. No Journey to Jerusalem is complete without learning this ancient people who have filled a section of the Old City with devotion and faith.

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