Pensioners Come Forth for Fukushima

High levels of radiation and uncertainty as to how long it might take to get the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi stabilized mean that the health of workers and people in the area is becoming an increasingly important concern. 

The authorities are already finding it difficult to find enough people who are willing to go into the contaminated area and carry out necessary construction and decontamination work…

“My acquaintances and I talked very intensively about the accident and about how we could help contain the disaster,” explained 72-year-old Yasuteru Yamada who came up with the idea.

 “A functioning cooling system is indispensable,” he pointed out. “But who is supposed to build it? Only people can do it. So why not us? Since we don’t have such a long future ahead?” 

Yamada is a former engineer who studied metallurgy. He set up “Qualified Veterans for Fukushima Nuclear Plant No. 1″ as a registered charity to convince the authorities of its seriousness…

Yamada and his friends have now contacted 2,500 people in Tokyo and the surroundings. Some 450 people have already offered their help and 90 of them – all in their 60s – have agreed to work in the plant itself. He says they are “worried about what’s coming. But should we not do anything just because we are worried?”

“I’m worried especially because I can’t yet picture it all,” Kazuko Sasaki, another volunteer, agreed. “But I sympathize with the young people who have to work there in such terrible conditions – people who still have their lives ahead. That’s why I really want to help.”

The above and more is here.

Sacrifices are being made…

3 thoughts on “Pensioners Come Forth for Fukushima

  1. Hello, how can you post an article without crediting the source and pretending that you have written it?

    1. Please notice that the entire piece is posted as a quote, that is to say, in inverted commas (that’s something that looks like this: “ – in case you never knew or are blind). Furthermore, the link to the article is clear: ‘The above and more is here’.

      My only words are: ‘Sacrifices are being made…’

      I thought it was a good article and worthy of re-posting… I’m beginning to have second thoughts!

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