The End is Nigh for Oxford’s Faculty of Theology

Writes Ruth Gledhill:

In my story in The Times today, we report: ‘For more than 800 years, the University of Oxford has led the world in the study of the divine. For centuries, it has sat alongside Cambridge as the leading centre for the study of the Bible. Now academics are considering a proposal to rebrand theology at Oxford as “religious studies” because of the growing demand from students who wish to study Islam, Hinduism and Judaism as well as Christianity. The requirement to have an A level in religious studies to study religion at Oxford is also to be dropped.’

Oliver Kamm in his commentary says: ‘Oxford’s Faculty of Theology insists that its core subject matter of biblical studies, doctrine and church history remains intact. But it is hard to avoid inferring that the faculty’s ferment is further evidence of the cultural decline of Christianity. That decline is an accomplished fact. Oxford’s faculty would be right to acknowledge it by changing its name and radically revising its subject matter.

‘Below I reproduce the original review and the faculty board response. The next important meeting will be in October..

Do read more on this sad state of affairs here.

Yet another sign of the perilous times I’m afraid…

One thought on “The End is Nigh for Oxford’s Faculty of Theology

  1. Yet another sign of English Apostasy! However, the graveyard is full of the past Oxford theological greats, so we must return to reading many of their fine works! There is really nothing New Under the Sun! And God is still God!

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