Ignoring the Bible Will Cause Moral Decay

No kidding?!

Anyway, you’ve kinda got to appreciate the irony here: This from a Bishop in a Church that is presently ‘in-knots’ over whether or not homosexuals should become Bishops… 

Sacrificing the Bible’s place in society will cause moral decay, the Bishop of London has warned.

Speaking at a symposium on the Bible in the House of Lords this week, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres said that “culture and civilisation” were founded on scripture.

“The economy and politics must have ground beneath them,” he said.

“In Britain that ground has been biblical since our earliest days – and you do not sacrifice that without sacrificing much of what has been built upon that ground.”

He went on to say that “concepts of dignity and tolerance” will be very difficult to sustain without a solid Christian grounding.

He added: “Although it has become difficult to use the language of the Bible in this country, it will become more and more obvious that these values and these principles will be unsustainable without the Christian ground.”

The Bishop also defended the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to chose the King James Version of the Bible, despite criticism that it is too archaic.

“At the royal wedding the couple chose traditional words, and none of the commentators remarked on it. But the following week the church press was full of commentators deploring the use of fusty words. But we need to remember that the couple who chose those words were both born in 1982.”…

More here.

That said, Chartres at least seems to have his head screwed on right.  I thought he did really well at the Royal Wedding. 

With Britain floundering in a multicultural, politically correct, leftist, anti-Christian cesspool, it’s about time somebody stood up and said what needs to be said!

Kudos therefore go to the Bishop of London!


Russian Paratroopers Receive Mobile Chapel

Speaking of Russia, what a neat idea:

The Russian Orthodox Church has given the country’s Airborne Troops a mobile chapel to accompany them on military drills and combat missions, a paratrooper spokesman said on Friday.

The church is part of a wider project to restore full-scale military priesthood, which existed in Russia from the 18th century to the start of the Soviet era.

“Russian paratroopers received their first mobile church in May, financed by the Russian Orthodox Church,” the spokesman said.

The chapel is built on the frame of a truck trailer and is equipped with a life-support module, an electric generator and multimedia equipment.

It is serviced on the field by a priest and a five-man support team.

The chapel will be tested during forthcoming airborne exercises.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said in 2010 that Orthodox Church military chaplains will soon appear in the Russian army.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, two thirds of the country’s servicemen consider themselves religious. Some 83 percent of them are Orthodox Christians, about 8 percent are Muslims, and 9 percent represent other confessions.


I don’t suppose there’s any hope of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ lot following suit? Probably not.

Now to try and find a pic of the mobile chapel…


Vladimir Putin is the Reincarnation of St Paul?!

Well, yes according to one Russian cult:


Russia (Reuters) – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin cultivates the image of a bare-chested macho man, but a nun-like sect in central Russia thinks actually he’s the reincarnation of St. Paul, the apostle.

Or, if not that, he may in a past life have been the founder of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“I say what the Lord has revealed to me,” the sect’s leader, former convict Svetlana Frolova, said.

Putin’s advisers disclaim any link with the sect led by the former railway manager, who was jailed for fraud in 1996.

“He (Putin) does not approve of that kind of admiration,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said by telephone…


There is more on these lunatics here.

Bible Archaeology

Waqf Dig Endangering Relics that May Have Been Part of Temple

Sure it will!

Several worked stones discovered during ongoing maintenance archaeology excavations around the Dome of the Rock may be part of a wall that once surrounded an outer courtyard of the Temple, some archaeologists conjecture.

The archaeology excavations are being carried out by the Waqf, the Muslim trust that is custodian of the Temple Mount, and the Public Committee Against the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount called a press conference yesterday to warn that the excavation is endangering these and other rare artifacts.

There have been verbal confrontations in recent days between Waqf officials and police and Israel Antiquities Authority representatives over the Waqf’s violation of the terms of the permit it received to conduct work at the site. In one incident, a police officer tried to prevent Waqf workers from operating a bulldozer, ultimately resorting to blocking the vehicle with his body. Tempers later calmed, after senior officials intervened.

Waqf officials told the Associated Press that the 1.5-meter-deep trench in question is being dug in order to replace 40-year-old electric cables. They termed the claims by the Israeli archaeologists “sheer propaganda.”

Dr. Gabi Barkai, one of Israel’s most prominent archaeologists and a member of the committee, said that the Waqf’s current excavation, along with a previous one of over 400 meters in the direction of the Dome of the Rock, is an archaeological crime unacceptable in any cultured country.

Another archaeologist and committee member, Dr. Eilat Mazar, said it is unfathomable that the police, and perhaps also the IAA, allowed a bulldozer to damage layers of ground beneath the extensive flooring now uncovered.

“It is an unbelievable spectacle,” Mazar said. “Israeli police officers and an official from the Antiquities Authority observing as a tractor digs the trench. This is irreparable destruction. After all, nobody is examining the dirt and materials coming out of that trench, which is located in an incredibly unique area, of historic, cultural and religious importance for every human being, and particularly for the Jewish people.”

The committee issued a statement demanding that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Minister for Jerusalem Affairs Rafi Eitan and the IAA stop the Waqf’s work immediately, and prevent any further work on the Mount without proper archaeological supervision.

The archaeologists announced that they would file a police complaint and are contemplating a petition to the High Court of Justice against the excavation work…

In a related development yesterday, new artifacts discovered in sifting through earth removed from the Temple Mount were presented at the eighth annual City of David archaeological conference.

The project, now in its third year, entails scrutinizing truckloads of earth removed by the Waqf in 1999.

Among the ancient finds were numerous stone tiles intended for flooring, some of which have been identified as designed for use in the Roman-era mosaic work known as opus sectile, in which colorful tiles were cut into shapes and fitted into geometric patterns.

“The discovery of stone tiles used in opus sectile flooring in [earth from] the Temple Mount is one of the most important discoveries of the dirt-sifting work,” Barkai said, “and it might aid in reconstructing the appearance and character of the Temple’s outer courtyard.” …

There is more here.

Criminal is what it is. And in my opinion, the Waqf is simply petrified that (any) evidence of the Temple will be uncovered, and that golden monstrosity now preventing any archaeological work, be undone.   

I’ve mentioned this unacceptable state of affairs before, here.


The Church of Oprah

Countless celebrities visited to confess their sins, push their mea-culpa memoirs, and seek absolution or redemption.

The Wall Street Journal:

What has helped make her all the things she is? It’s the two things she’s not: a wife and mother. A lot of ambitious women will say they had to make a choice: They could be a CEO or get married and have kids but most assuredly not both. With Oprah it seemed a whole other matter entirely. She’s like the religious leader who forswears marriage and children to better serve her flock. Perhaps she made a sage choice. Unlike many wives, she tended to get the last word. Unlike many mothers, she had countless followers always willing to take her suggestions—be your best self, find your own power—as commandments.

Oprah’s final show made it difficult to avoid ecclesiastical comparisons. “Amazing Grace,” she told her rapturous audience, “is the song of my life.” “This was what I was called to do,” she said at another point. She also referenced the hand of God and the presence of God, offering prayers of gratitude “for the privilege of doing the show,” talking about her “yellow-brick-road of blessings,” and signing off for the last time with hands raised in benediction and a fervent “God be the Glory.” Even the heavenly host might find this host a tough act to follow…

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