Ignoring the Bible Will Cause Moral Decay

No kidding?!

Anyway, you’ve kinda got to appreciate the irony here: This from a Bishop in a Church that is presently ‘in-knots’ over whether or not homosexuals should become Bishops… 

Sacrificing the Bible’s place in society will cause moral decay, the Bishop of London has warned.

Speaking at a symposium on the Bible in the House of Lords this week, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres said that “culture and civilisation” were founded on scripture.

“The economy and politics must have ground beneath them,” he said.

“In Britain that ground has been biblical since our earliest days – and you do not sacrifice that without sacrificing much of what has been built upon that ground.”

He went on to say that “concepts of dignity and tolerance” will be very difficult to sustain without a solid Christian grounding.

He added: “Although it has become difficult to use the language of the Bible in this country, it will become more and more obvious that these values and these principles will be unsustainable without the Christian ground.”

The Bishop also defended the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to chose the King James Version of the Bible, despite criticism that it is too archaic.

“At the royal wedding the couple chose traditional words, and none of the commentators remarked on it. But the following week the church press was full of commentators deploring the use of fusty words. But we need to remember that the couple who chose those words were both born in 1982.”…

More here.

That said, Chartres at least seems to have his head screwed on right.  I thought he did really well at the Royal Wedding. 

With Britain floundering in a multicultural, politically correct, leftist, anti-Christian cesspool, it’s about time somebody stood up and said what needs to be said!

Kudos therefore go to the Bishop of London!

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