Archbishop John Hepworth: Vatican Likely to Approve a New Structure

Would that it were true:

The primate of a breakaway church in Australia says the Vatican is likely to approve a new structure later this year to bring the Anglican and Catholic churches closer together.

Archbishop John Hepworth from the Traditional Anglican Communion says he has been negotiating ways to allow Anglican priests to be accepted by the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Hepworth says it is expected to be rolled out across parts of the world later this year, including the Traditional Anglican Communion in central Queensland.

“The Anglican parish that is going into this in Rockhampton with three priests and their congregation has all agreed to it,” he said.

“The priests have applied to be Catholic priests in the ordinariate, those applications are in the process of being approved.

“We expect that they’ll be re-ordained as Catholic deacon and priest immediately the ordinariate is announced.”

Especially after this fiasco, which has turned into an embarrassing PR nightmare for the entire Traditional Anglican Communion…


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