Explaining Papal Infallibility

Thought this might interest a few, considering the volatility of this particular doctrine.This is presented by Fr. Robert Barron for the upcoming PBS series on Roman Catholicism.

Yes Joel (HT), interesting indeed.

Looks like it’ll be a great series…


7 thoughts on “Explaining Papal Infallibility

  1. This papal doctrine, among some others.. kept and keeps me from returning to Roman Catholicism! There is simply no way this doctrine can be maintained or defended! > Of course this is my opinion and position! 🙂

    1. But having said the last, I did buy the new LIFE Bio of Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla). He was simply a great Christian man! There can be no denial there! My issue is really not, at depth of/in the personal, I had some great Irish Catholic priests growing up. The issue is certainly biblical and theological!

  2. interesting Programme. PBS must be an american channel as I wont have the enjoyment of watching it therefore. It will perhaps be on EWTN.

    I find that Apologist John Salza defends Papal Infallibility very well on his site:

    He also has a book I bought entitled: the biblical basis for the papacy which is an amazing book which bit by bit explains the papacy and answers every modern contention towards the Papacy.

    In Christ & Mary

  3. In that he explains it as the infallibility to articulate doctrine, I find little issue with it – if it extended to the Church and her doctors, theologians and saints. But, with the reservation that such a presentation will not prevent questioning or change in the future.

    1. And looking at the Anglican Articles of Religion (1571), XIX. (19) Of the Church ; XX. (20) Of the Authority of the Church ; & XXI. (21) Of the Authority of General Councils / This doctrine of course just does not fly!

      Here again, we can see historically that for Anglicanism, this doctrine is just not “Catholic” or “Reformed”.

      Nor, I might add with the EO..Eastern Orthodoxy.

      Just seeking some history to make comparison.

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