Netanyahu Vows to Defend Borders

Stand for Israel reports:

The Israeli Defense Forces are gearing up for next week’s planned protests in which thousands of Arabs are expected to rush towards Israel in an attempt to breach its borders. The demonstrations have been planned to coincide with the forty-fourth anniversary of the ’67 War’s conclusion and is referred to as “Naksa Day,” the that Arab armies surrendered.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the Israeli government will act to defend its borders and will not allow the demonstrators to subvert Israel’s sovereignty. Only two weeks ago thousands of demonstrators from Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza surged towards Israel hoping to breach the borders in protest of Israel’s sixty-four years of independence.

These types of protests are the newest form of terrorism aimed at weakening the Jewish state. The protestors are willing to die in order to achieve their goal, which is to demoralize Israel and threaten its very existence. The prime minister assured the Israeli public that while the IDF will act with restraint, it will nonetheless do what is necessary to keep the protestors at bay.

One thought on “Netanyahu Vows to Defend Borders

  1. Did I hear someone say: Kill Them All And Let God Sort Them Out! Yeah but that’s only for the enemy, but wait they are the enemy…terrorists! Sorry but that really is the only mind-set for the soldier. When someone tries to invade your borders, that is an act of War! Sounds harsh, but read your OT!

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