Couple Left Baby in Hot Car at Strip Club!

Appalling news with which to end the weekend: 

Louisville, Ky. – Police have arrested two people after finding a one-year-old child in the back seat of a car at a strip club. 

When police arrived, the child was crying and soaked in sweat, according to the arrest record reported by WLKY-TV. 

The child’s mother, Laura DiPrimo, ran out of the club, started the car and rolled down the rear window. The child’s father, Thomas Lee, followed. He was wearing a home incarceration bracelet from Clark County, Ind. 

Both said they had been drinking, according to the arrest report. 

Police say the child is doing fine and was placed in the custody of a relative. 

DiPrimo and Lee were charged with wanton endangerment. 

Police said Lee complained the back seat of the cruiser was hot as he was transported to jail.

I fear that these depraved parents may not be punished as harshly as they actually should (or probably deserve)…


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