So Blogging is Not a Good Thing Then?

In the eyes of the Church that is.

It would appear as if Fr John Hunwicke has closed his blog, Liturgical Notes, that after his ordination as a Catholic priest was deferred because of some misunderstanding about the content of his blog posts:

I think I had better share with my friends the distressing news that my ordination within the Catholic Church has been “deferred”.

I think there has been some misunderstanding about the content of my blog, which I regret. Regular readers of the blog will be aware that its main characteristic is that of total submission to the Church’s Magisterium, and of profound admiration for the person and writings of the present Sovereign Pontiff; and so my prayer is that present misunderstanding will very speedily be resolved. In the meantime, I am closing down this blog with immediate effect, and I shall promptly delete any comments on it (or emails sent to me) which are in any way whatsoever critical of the Catholic Church, or any of its officers, or of the Ordinariate; or which recommend me to adhere to any other ecclesial body.

Despite everything, I remain convinced that the Ordinariate is the only means of achieving the great vision of the Catholic Revival, longed for by so many great and holy men an d women, learnedly described in our own time by Fr Aidan Nichols: an Anglicanism reordered after heresy and schism, an Anglicanism United But Not Absorbed…

More here.

Blogs seem to have become a rather contentious issue.


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