Man Beaten in Street with Plank for Leaving Islam… In Britain!

Yes, Britain:

A MAN has been locked up for attacking another man in the street with a plank of wood.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that Sher Ahmadzai, 20, hit his victim with a metre-long plank, causing him to fall over during the attack in Radford.

Another man then started punching and kicking the fallen man in the face.

The victim escaped without serious injury but was left with a sore jaw and leg pain.

The court heard Ahmadzai knew his victim and both were members of the Afghan community.

The man was of Muslim faith but converted to Christianity after claiming asylum here.

“This did not sit well with the defendant,” said prosecutor Paul Stimson.

“That culminated in the assault in October last year in Hartley Road.”…

More here.

Multiculturalism at its best failing, yet again. When will the Brits wake up?

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