Harold Camping Suffers a Stroke

Was he smoted?

Harold Camping, president of Family Radio, a Christian radio ministry, suffered a severe stroke on Thursday night and had to be hospitalized, triggering concerns as to whether his followers will ever be able to hear his enigmatic voice broadcast over 66 stations anymore.

The 89-year-old radio evangelist was rushed to hospital from his Alameda, California home and although he is out of danger now, his friends and family fear that the stroke, which was on Camping’s right side, may affect his ability to speak.

Camping’s neighbor has told the Oakland Tribune that Camping is fine but the stroke has left his speech slurred.

Charles Menut, the regional manager for Family Stations Inc., the parent company of Family Radio, has requested everyone, including the media, not to contact him or his family members but pray for them and his quick recovery.

Menut said Family Radio will “publicly update everyone on Monday” about Camping’s health…

So the question all are asking is, is it punishment or just old age?

His wife says he is doing well:

Doomsday preacher Harold Camping is “doing very well” days after he was admitted to a hospital for a stroke, his wife said Sunday evening.

When The Christian Post visited Camping’s home in Alameda Sunday, a woman claiming to be Camping’s wife, Shirley, answered the door but never revealed her face.

Asked about Camping’s condition, the presumed Mrs. Camping reported to CP, “He is doing very well – not a serious stroke at all!”

Mrs. Camping didn’t reveal which hospital her husband was admitted to. But asked if he was still in the hospital, she responded, “The hospital doesn’t allow people in. So, I can’t tell you. Alright?”

She also said she has “no idea” when Camping would be released from the hospital, commenting “that’s too soon.”

The 89-year-old Camping was admitted to a hospital Thursday night after he suffered a stroke, the Oakland Tribune reported…

More here.

Apparently, he might not be able to host his radio show anymore. This may be a good thing considering all the false prophecy he has been spewing!


5 thoughts on “Harold Camping Suffers a Stroke

  1. Personally, I don’t see this as judgment at all on Harold Camping, he’s 89! Both of my parents had small stokes in their late 80’s before they died, (RIP). It is just a issue for many people in that age bracket. The Lord could have simply taken him also.

    I don’t agree with Camping’s eschatology, he is something of a supersessionist, and completely misses modern Israel both biblically & theologically, and in any end-time aspect. But he does see that the church has become very apostate. Perhaps even in his error God has used him somewhat to remind the church that ‘the Day’ is approaching, the Church Age has almost run its course!

  2. Although I did not agree with Mr. Camping’s endtime predictions, because God said that “no man knows the day nor the hour” and Mr. camping is a man, how ever he is also a human, I wish him well and have him in my prayers as every christian should.

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