Fr John Corapi: ‘Very Important’ Update Coming

“I am not extinguished!”  – Fr. John Corapi


“We understand many of you would like an update–any update–on the status of Fr. John Corapi.  Please be assured that as soon as Fr. Corapi updates us with the status of these events, we will utilize all avenues of communications to update you, his fans, and followers.  Recently, Fr. Corapi held an internal office meeting and informed us that he is “not extinguished!”  He expressed his continued desire to help deliver a message of hope to those who seek it and he informed us that by this weekend he will have a “very important announcement” that he plans on delivering on YouTube, Facebook, and through email.  

We ask that you continue to lift him up in prayer and are encouraged for what lies ahead.”

– Father Corapi’s Newsletter

The above news comes via Sancte Pater.

UPDATE:  The very important announcement is out and can be seen here.


6 thoughts on “Fr John Corapi: ‘Very Important’ Update Coming

  1. pls keep me posted on Fr. John Corapi.
    He is a good priest and we should all pray for him and commend him to our Lord Jesus and Holy Mary to protect and shield him from evil doers who are hell bent on destroying him. We need a powerful voice in this troubled world today and God has chosen him.

  2. My sweet John has not lost his mind. Please pray that God’s for ordained will be done in his life. Please, also, pray his favorite prayer for him, the “MEMORARE”. He appreciates it. I will always support my sweet gentleman. I love you forever John, my love! I’m yours forever! Your love, Diana Olson

  3. thankyou for keeping me abreast of the situation on fr. corapi. i will be praing for him to come back. i miss him.

  4. Does anyone know anything about John Corapi today? (1/16/21013) His twitter account, Facebook page, Youtube channel and website have all been taken down and he seems to have vanished from the face of the earth, which is not like him at all.

    1. I will check back periodically to see if there is an answer. I have not used my real name or a real email address because I fear for my safety speaking out on this topic, and revealing my identity will not clarify this matter to any degree, only endanger my safety.

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