Fr Corapi and Bishop Mulvey of Corpus Christi

Gentle Bishop Mulvey of Corpus Christ:

Like many of you, I was surprised and confused by Fr. Corapi’s recent announcement. And I have nothing more to add on Corapi’s score beyond what the popular Catholic bloggers have already laid out.

But one aspect that I know a bit more about and that troubles me is his comments about the bishop of Corpus Christi, Michael Mulvey. Firstly, even though Bishop Mulvey was only recently appointed to Corpus, I assume that Corapi is speaking of him and not the former bishop when he made his comments.

I met Bishop Mulvey (when he was Father, and then Monsignor) during my ten years in Austin. I heard Mass from him many times and talked with him as well. He always struck me as a priest with a very gentle spirit. Not all priests have that gift, but he did. I understood that he was involved in the ecclesial movement Focolare, which seemed to fit his personality well.

Eventually, after Bishop Aymond was transferred to Louisiana, Msgr. Mulvey became the administrator for the diocese until Bishop Vasquez was chosen. Mulvey was then himself moved and raised to the epicopate. I think he’s only been bishop in Corpus for six months or so.

Thus, it pains my heart to hear Corapi’s critical words toward him. Corapi didn’t think he could receive a fair trial, but everything I know about Bishop Mulvey says otherwise. Pope Benedict has appointed so many good bishops, including Mulvey, that I can’t help but think that even if Corapi didn’t get a fair hearing at one level, he could have appealed and surely received justice at a higher level.

So, it seems to be one great misunderstanding–no doubt instigated by the Devil, but also one that God would have made beautiful–had only Corapi trusted the Church and humbled himself, even in the face of what very well could be false and unjust accusations.

Like you, my wife and I are praying for Corapi, Mulvey, and all involved, including the Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity–the SOLTs–Corapi’s (former?) order.

God bless them all and may Christ heal these terrible wounds.

The Fr Corapi fallout continues…

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8 thoughts on “Fr Corapi and Bishop Mulvey of Corpus Christi

  1. The Bishop should NEVER suspend a Priest without SOLID evidence that a crime had been committed………….the fact that one is a Priest does not mean he gives up his individual rights, including the right to a fair trial……..Corapi gave 20 years of his life to the Church…….even his own superiors recommended against his suspension………..maybe the Bishop was afraid of negative publicity? Father Corapi does not have time to waste while the hierarchy bickers among themselves, deciding his fate at a snails pace………I am a lifelong Catholic, and I applaud Father Corapi for questioning the manner in which innocent Priests are treated by their superiors………maybe the good Bishop will have to endure the same thing some day.

  2. I am sorry, but, I my experience with the Church and its bishops have predisposed me against what this man did. I was, and remain ,firmly suspicious of the bishop’s reaction and policies. Very suspicious. I am predisopsed toward Corapi because UNLIKE MANY BISHOPS, his teachings were faithful to the Magisterium, zealous, and devoted to Our Lady. I have personally experienced priests who were faithful and sooner or later crushed to the obvious GLEE of these Church authorities.

    I have known that this man was going to be skewered sooner or later because of his outspoken political beliefs. Yet, his political views remain faithful to God’s proscriptions, while the bishops of this country remain faithful to political correctness.

    Knowing priests who, assuming the accusations are not false, have done far worse, are treated with kid gloves and given “the benefit of the doubt”, and, “rehabilitated” and treated as if nothing happened, I am indignant that this man, and several others of his “conservative” viewpoint are treated so poorly by the leadership.

    Sorry, but, I don’t know which is worse. Our fidelity to this man who spoke nothing but truth to us, or the hierarchy who have proven themselves over and over to throw the rest of us “under the bus” in the name of political correctness.

  3. Father Corapi is facing a dark of night of the soul. In fact, 20 years of marriage generally begins to teeter and totter towards divorce. And since he is Personae Christi to the Bride, he must remain faithful amid the turbulent waters of which the moden climate seems to drag upon most (if not all) married couples.

    1. I am not sure if Father Corapi should have waited for the outcome before taking a step such as he has because as lay people we really do not have all the facts.
      However he has the facts and if i was asked where I would put my trust based on his decision. I would without hesitation choose him. He speaks the truth and does not cave into internal or external pressures.
      I am tired of liberal clergy who speak out of, both sides of their mouth and are leading so many away from the truth.
      I do not know Bishop Mulveys’ heart. Perhaps he is caving in to internal or external pressures. I just want him to be a man of honor and integrity and get to the bottom of this matter quickly and not act like some who for their own sake or agenda have hung Father Corapi out to dry….I hold them both up for prayer. May God Bless and guide them to act according to his will. May God have mercy on us all.
      Sincerely Cheryl peters, Nova Scotia, Canada

  4. I would like to hear from Fr. Corapi’s superiors or any Bishop(s) directly involved what they did when Fr. Corapi endured so many years of extortion, blackmail and the like and he asked them for help. What did they do? Fr. Corapi said they never lifted a finger to help him. What does this suggest? An obvious rift…so why wouldn’t I believe that they want to hang him out to dry? I will take the words of a priest who sees the ills of what’s going on and is not afraid to speak up. The Bible says all our actions and words have to be accounted for.Jesus said..’say yes or no..’ and nothing else’ Both need our prayers…

    Also, I don’t see why Fr. Corapi’s libel suit should halt the investigation by the church. He has his civil rights. What would you do if someone speaks scandously and untruthfully of you? You sue for libel and defamation. Within the church you can’t do that…and since he cannot avail himself to swift justice within, he must seek it without (outside of the church). This is not rocket science!

    1. What a beautiful blog!

      The first Fr. Corapi tape I listened to blew me away. Our pastor was blessing our sins (and making little subtle jabs at the Magisterium). How often our homilies were a “counter point” to the Gospel. Fr. Corapi called us to believe what the Church teaches – which is in harmony with the Gospel. Wow – after 40 years!!!!

      I guess we can all read between the lines, but I didn’t take Fr. Corapi’s comments to be mean or untruthful about Bishop Mulvey. Bishop Mulvey is doing what he thinks best – which God is allowing – yes? Any of us who have listened to Fr. Corapi know this.

      If Fr. Corapi fell – God allowed it for a greater good. Every one of his tapes or CD’s I’ve listened to followed every council, encyclical, and the Catechism. He promoted them. The other priests and pastors ridiculed them – and when I complained to our Bishops about it I received rebuffs. Rebuffs for saying our pastors refused to believe the teachings of and preached against the Catholic Church.


      So, remember what Fr. Corapi preached – it’s about our repentance, sacramental confession, and love of our Savior who actually sweat blood that some of us choose eternal damnation over accepting his sacrifice for us.
      Through the prayers of the Mother of God may our Savior save us all!


  5. Hopefully all the above people realize Fr. Corapi was indeed, officially found guilty of all the things he was accused for…

  6. Perhaps Fr Corapi feels that the Churchs handling of other sex scandals was an indicator of what was to come. My comment is this: If Fr Corapi is in denial and has done what he is accused of and then compounded it by trying to cover it up by slandering his accuser then the millions of people that he has touched most of them catholics will be second guessing the next public figure that advocates for Our Lord and his bride The Holy Roman Catholic Church. If Fr Corapi is telling the truth and he was accused falsely by a disgruntled employee that he fired and it was compounded by the fact that the local Bishop let’s just say held some animosity for him and this all comes out in a secular court, then millions of catholics will become more skeptical of the leaders of The Holy Roman Catholic Church. It is truly diabolical

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