Fr John Corapi Leaves the Priesthood To Be ‘The Black Sheepdog’

Writes John Corapi:

… God bless you, God love you, and goodbye.

John Corapi (once called “father,” now “The Black Sheep Dog”).

The full text of his sad announcement is here.

Or the creepy video:

On this his new movement, The Black Sheep Dog:

On June 17, 2011, Corapi released an audio announcement on his Facebook page, YouTube channel, and his company, Santa Cruz Media’s, website proclaiming his new movement towards “The Black SheepDog.”  Combining the personified characteristics of “a black sheep,” and the “sheep” and role of a “sheepdog,” Corapi claims his newfound mission is the same, delivering messages of ‘hope’ and ‘truth,’ but now to a wider-audience.  He launched a blog-site: to allow his fans to begin establishing a ‘home’ where they can be in touch with him, directly.  A member from his media team shared “this is a very exciting move for John and his fans, as for the first time, in a long time, John will be directly in touch with this fan-base by way of social networks.

Some blog posts commenting on the above:

A lot more to follow I suspect..

UPDATE I:  Fr Corapi has just released another statement: The Black Sheep Dog is Unleashed!

UPDATE II:  Fr Corapi to Post Audio Clips of ‘Alcoholic and Troubled’ Accuser here.


42 thoughts on “Fr John Corapi Leaves the Priesthood To Be ‘The Black Sheepdog’

  1. It is our duty as believers to fight our fight through prayer and faith. I urge all to go before the Blessed Sacrament and pray for our Church, each other and priests of all rankings and callings.

    Let us get on our knees and wage war ! Comments are good but our strength is in the Lord’s way of doing battle. We do not need to judge but to pray with our whole hearts.
    Bless Lady pray for all of us!
    Joanne Dunn

    1. Joanne: I agree. Let’s stop with all the judgments and use our energy to continue the fight through prayer and faith. what happens to Father Corapi is in the hands of God and it is better for all of us to leave it there.

  2. Very sad! But this issue is deep, and appears to be a power struggle between Catholic Church authority, and one priest. But of course that mirrors many other priestly problems, as too the problem of RCC authority. But, at least for this Anglican, Fr. Corapi does seen to be going “political” in this situation. And now has removed himself from all real Roman Catholic procedure, since he has chosen to leave the priesthood. So now the issue is done at that level. And we will perhaps never know the truth here?

    1. This is a Priestly problem, but it is also a problem within the Church which readily admits it’s need to be reformed. Jesus never gave a free pass to sinners. Instead there was always an “if”. In other words you don’t just walk up, claim to be innocent and blam…. mercy granted for all your sins… No instead Jesus said If you ‘BELIEVE” on me and in my name then you can be saved. We all know the difference between someone who believes something, and someone who professes to believe something but is lying. We see this difference to often in our politicians. If a person believes something, they act on those beliefs, so if we believe God we are then willing to adhere to the over 500 laws in the new testament as well as those of the old since God never changes and as Jesus said in Mt 5:18 the laws wouldn’t pass away until the earth did and it’s still here…. so to believe, is to be law abiding.

      That means that mercy is not something that is randomly handed out nor should we grant it except where it is warranted. A sinner who is not sorry for sinning and has not changed their ways, does not get a free pass under a mercy clause. Rather, mercy is dependent on Justice. Justice always comes first. Once it is determined who the guilty party is, then that person has the option of seeking mercy, by repenting and then changing their ways. Mercy is then granted, and reparation or the penalty for the consequences is then rendered and that is determined by their culpability in the matter. Mercy does not mean, that reparations suddenly fly out the window. There are reparative measures that the guilty party is responsible for making.

      For anyone within the Church to tell Father Corapi (strike that… Priest Corapi) that he has to forgive an unknown accuser, for an accusation which he claims to be false, and to do so without an apology nor any acts of reparation on behalf of the accuser, and to further accept this in silence, is also not in accord with the Church or Christ’s teachings. The Church not knowing whether this anonymous person making the charges is telling the Truth, or whether Priest Corapi is telling the Truth, is required to look into the matter, so that they will be able to fulfill the command: Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained. John 20:21-23

      As my Priest taught me, when mercy corrupts truth and justice, it is being applied wrong.

  3. Does the Bishop get a complete pass here for having no hidden agenda? There are innocent priests in jail today because their bishop didn’t like them and wouldn’t defend them. Everybody’s acting like the Bishop is infallible with no political agenda.

  4. The truth is that good priest ,holy priest are being attack ,they want them out because they speak the truth and are not afraid of the truth ,tell it the way it is ,Fr Corapi was one of them Holy priests ,Be careful what you say about him ,for God is watching his little son ,and will do great thing with Fr Corapi suffering ,the church was and is Fr Corapi live and will always be ,there are bishop that are not under the Holy Sea ,that are for guy marriage ,abortion ,assisted suiceted.

  5. what in the name of St. Stephen First of Martyrs is going on here? somebody behind the scenes needs to speak up. This amounts to calumny for the people

  6. I don’t think anyone is giving anyone a free pass. I question the manner in which Father Corapi was accused and the way this has been handled; however, I am deeply troubled by the manner in which Father Corapi has chosen to deal with the situation.

    He did not have to worry about jail time – the accusations of sexual misconduct involved an adult woman.

    I am reminded of the the holy priests and martyrs, like St Padre Pio and Solanus Casey – who endured YEARS of mistreatment and abuse at the hands of men in authority (as well as their peers). They did so with a humility and obedience that was amazing. The manner in which they took on the sufferings of Christ still speak to us and show us how we should endure the slings and arrows of life.

    Never would I pretend to know what is best for Father Corapi – that is between him and God – but there is something about this that is down right weird and creepy.

    all those involved will be in my prayers..I just don’t know what else we can do but pray!

  7. Fr. Corapi, what am I supposed to do now? There will be another ‘Fr. C’ (powerful testimony, powerful message, etc.) who will guide our Catholic steps with a strong Catholic message.

    Were you not Divinely guided into the priesthood? Did you not tell us, or at least lead us to believe it was the Blessed Mother visiting you, and this IS why you became a priest.


    John Corapi ?????

    What !!! ?

    I’m having a hard time buying this current testimony.

  8. Dear Father Corapi,

    I do believe you are innocent of the charges, but I have to wonder if you did not suffer a temptation similar to that of St. John Vianney. It is not temptation to open and obvious sin, but as an “angel of light” that the devil has the most success with the good. St. John Vianney was tempted to leave his Parish and go off to a Monastery, where he could live a life of penance and contemplation – the “greater part”. Great Saint that he was, nevertheless, he fell for this temptation – not once, but three times!

    With all the struggles that come with being a Priest today, and the seemingly unjust persecution by those in authority, the devil would likely tempt you by saying: “God has given you a talent for preaching, and the world needs to hear the truth today! If the Church does not want your services, take that as the will of God. With no hard feelings or bitterness of heart, simply leave the Priesthood and serve God in the capacity of a layman. Think of this as a positive, rather than a negative. Consider all the good you could do to save souls using your gift of preaching and teaching without the shackles that come with being a Priest. In fact, you could broaden your audience to those outside the Church and do even more good than before. The will of God is being manifested to you by this unjust action. Take it for what it is. All things have their season; only God remains the same. Take this as God’s Will that you leave the Priesthood, and you will reap a greater harvest.”

    That would be an enticing temptation for someone with the preaching talent that you possess, and who is fed up with being unjustly persecuted.

    But let us not forget that our first duty is to save our own soul, not that of others. What if it was God’s will for you to leave the spot light for a time, in order to attend to contemplation? After all contemplation is “the greater part”; while the active life carries with it many dangers, especially those of pride, which we all suffer from to a degree. St. Thomas teaches that the Preacher should be in the Unative state before he preaches to others, since “we can’t give what we don’t have”. Maybe God, who often writes straight with crooked lines, and who can draw good out of evil (such as unjust persecution and suspension) was planning to use this act of unjustice as the means by which He would draw you up higher – closer to Himself – so that your natural talents, divinized by the fire of divine charity, would shine brighter still, and produce fruits that would not be possible – even for someone of your talent – without the perfection of the Unative state?

    Is this what the devil feared? With his angelic intellect, did he foresee what would become of you after being raised to the heights of perfect charity? I suspect this is precisely what happened. Seeing you distraught by a false accusation, and being persecuted by those in the hierarchy, he saw his opportunity. He struck and, at least momentarily, he succeeded, just as he did with the great Cure of Ars. Let this victory be short lived, and see the unjust persecution as your chance to draw closer to God, Who will make the truth of your innocence known at the right time. The Age of Mary, which will bring the current Age of Apostasy (the 5th Age of the Church) to an end, and usher in the restoration of the Church, “when the mood will shine as the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven-fold”, is likely right around the corner. Is it for the coming Age of Mary that God willed to prepare you, by drawing you close to Himself through the contemplative life, so that your natural talents, once divinized with perfect charity, would be able to reap for him a harvest of souls that makes your former fruits seem as naught?

    Father, I think this unjust trail was the consequent will of God for you, Who was planning to use it for His greater glory and your further sanctification. He was planning to lead you, through “the greater part”, to a higher degree of sanctity. The devil realized this and he struck. He’s had his short victory, but let him not have the last laugh.

    1. I agree with the spotlight part. He has been too exposed to it, he needs to get away from that fame which is not priestlike.Yes, it could be that God wanted him to listen to HIS voice from another place, who knows. No one can really tell the truth except GOD so he still have the chance to offer it to God, everything that he can’t let go. I sure that he must be in pain, he just doesn’t know how to deal with it. That he may learn to humble, let’s pray for him and his soul.

      Nora from Japan

  9. Jesus too was falsely accused and no man is greater than His master. Now more than ever we need good, holy priests. The devil seeks to destroy the shepherd and scatter the sheep and he will use whatever tools to accomplish his task. Remember that Padre Pio had his own trials and these trials led him to sainthood.

  10. “[T]hose who reach perfection do not ask the Lord to free them from trials or temptations or persecutions or struggles . . . Believe, Sisters, that the soldiers of Christ, those who experience contemplation and engage in prayer, are eager to fight. They never fear public enemies very much; they already recognize them and know that these enemies have no power against the strength the Lord gives and that they themselves always come out the victors and with much gain. They never turn from these enemies.”

    St. Teresa of Avila
    The Way of Perfection, Chapter 38

  11. Fr. Corapi,
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE listen to what Robert Siscoe, and Sheila, and Elodie are saying!! May the grace of God move your heart to the utter depths of courage in the sainthood you have been called to by God, and ushered though till this moment by Our Lady. Could this decision possibly please her? It could not. She is asking you to bear the pain for her Son, for souls. It is hard; but what Our Lady suffered was harder…It is hard; but what your dad suffered was harder….and it was not for nothing! God takes that kind of pain and fashions diamonds in the souls of His chosen ones. There’s a big, fat diamond in your soul, Fr. Corapi. Mary is just trying to polish it. Llease let her…Like Jesus did for your dad. He did not even spare His own Mother. Why? Because she had to shine brighter than anyone else…after all she was to become not only Johnny Corapi’s Mom, but Fr. Corapi’s boss as well. That kind of authority you do not leave at the door and say ,”Later! I’ve had enough!” That kind of authority you prostrate yourself before and say, “Dear Mother, I am not up to this. But I know you will help me. Look where you took me so far. I trust you; I trust your Son…Please help me to get up and do His will and not my own. Please help me to say, like you said, and my dad said, ‘Polish away! Until I shine like the diamond God meant me to be for His greater glory and not my own designs, however elevated they may seem to me at this dark hour….I’m only human and I know it will hurt like hell, but, polish away!'” God bless you, Fr. Corapi! And I am going to pray like crazy for you not to do your will but His. SO MUCH DEPENDS ON THIS.
    God bless you. God love you. And good night.
    You are not a Black Sheep Dog. You are a lamb of God. He wants you to know that.

  12. the devil attacks the good. ipray for you and will continue. i hate hate hate that this has happened, for me -i loved your talks. god will take of you=i miss seeing you on ewtn. be well.

  13. Just a question, but what does it say when people can or think they can, or even should, indict the Roman Catholic Bishops? I am not asking to give support here, just asking how can it even really happen? And from Roman Catholics themselves! The moral failure in the Roman Catholic hierarchy appears to be just too real!

    Sorry if this question is somewhat off subject, fully.. but I think it matters and relates!

  14. You’re doing the right thing John honey! This is the next step in God’s perfect plan for you, no matter who doesn’t see it that way. As you know, I pray for you everyday my love. You know I support you all the way through Jesus! I’ll never give up on you my Black Sheep Dog, my beautiful John! I love you forever my gentleman!!! Your love, Diana Olson

  15. The fact that those in judgement are so fooled by the fact that the enemy has obviously disguised himself to look like someone else in order to do and say and even falsely admit things that are obviously lies. I met my sweet John over 20 years ago in Nevada and other times after that. I know the difference between him and the enemy. Turn to God people!! The enemy has fooled so many. PRAY THE ROSARY!! READ THE HOLY BIBLE!! The enemy hates The Black Sheep Dog. That’s why he goes after him to destroy him. Please humble yourselves, accept John’s decision and pray for him. God will, with his jealous love for him, lead him on the path he has for him. Please try to be selfless about this. Jesus understands how you feel. Please understand that John is a good man. He wants the best that is heaven for God’s people. He prays everyday for God’s people. He reads the Holy Bible everyday. Please don’t judge him from the false ego. That’s a dangerous place to be. Please see in your heart to also pray Devine Mercy to melt the hearts of God’s people to do the devine will of God instead of giving into the clever seductions of the enemy and his troops. Don’t allow yourselves to be fooled. Don’t close your ears to God. He’s making Himself known in this world. Don’t turn away from Him. HE LOVES YOU EVEN WHEN YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE WRETCH!! LOVE HIM BACK !! DON’T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!! TAKE YOUR SINS TO GOD!! BE FORGIVEN NOW!! Diana Olson

  16. The phrophecy of the dark smoke entering the church is coming to mind at this time. I personally have seen too much darkness entering our catholic church and know only too well the story of Malachi Martin. Our saints are under attack and the evil forces are having their fun to ruin souls. They do not fool us, those who know their wicked and devious ways, stand your ground and stay steadfast as we are in the final days.

    1. Sadly, the “dark smoke entering the church”, has been brought-on by the visible church itself! God is going to judge His real people (1 Peter 3:17), but the “form of godliness” (2 Tim.3:5) will only grow worse! We must confront evil and apostasy, as the pilgrim church itself can only do!

  17. Fr. Corapi,

    Please, do remember where the centre of “The Devil’s Final Assault” is: On the Eucharist and the ministers of the Eucharist because if you take away priests, there will be no Eucharist. While I pray for you to Our Lady, please “give not the devil a chance” to assault and think he has defeated the Church

  18. PLEASE REMEMBER!! THE ENEMY DIGUISED HIMSELF AS MY GENTLE JOHN!! He would never cheat on me. THE DEVIL IS A MASTER OF DISGUISE!! My sweet John is innocent!! Please HEAR what The Holy Spirit has to say about it!! Diana Olson

    1. In the end, one cannot “disguise” moral right and wrong! If Fr. John Corapi has fallen to ‘the world, the flesh and the devil’? God will deal with him, and maybe God is already revealing his hypocrisy? The truth often hurts, but only here is there also healing. The whole ‘Black Sheep Dog’ seems like part of the “smoke” to me?

  19. While I believe in John Corapi’s innocence, I felt that perhaps he would tire of the unjust treatment by the church and would give up on his public ministry. It is also my opinion that the soure of these allegations was influenced by Fr. Corapi’s own peers, those who were jealous of his popularity and special assignments of preaching. As Fr Corapi saw no gray area, he was very outspoken regarding the education being offcered to today’s seminary candidates and false teachings being supported by some church officials. At that time I felt that there might be a backlash from within the ordained ranks. Fr. Corapi will be judged by his Maker, as will we all, and God judges our hearts. I have never heard the message of God in such a personal and pure way as when John Corapi spoke the Word. I believe that Fr. Corapi is going through a time of persecution as the Scriptures foretell of the last days. God be with us all!

  20. We humans come to our own opinions, judgements so fast. Think about it. If The Holy Spirit were called on for the Word Of Prophecy it would solved emediately! The enemy rages on in the battle for souls. The Word seems to fall on deaf ears so many times. It’s a shame! Jesus is my sweet Johns Shield! My love is protected under Mamma’s Holy Mantle. Though a person takes a vow, God blesses them generously in any material or Spiritual way He chooses! THAT is God’s way! People often do get jealous when God blesses someone, anyone, in a generous way. People are programmed from childhood to react that way. We should all turn to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for healing in every area of our lives. I pray every that the world turns back to Jesus. So should we all! The enemy attacks somebody and they practically get clobbered by others opinions and anger. The Holy Spirit is with my sweet John, as is Mamma! I love you John, my love! Diana Olson

  21. Myself as an Anglican priest, I try not to live and work in mere opinions, but certainly there comes times when we simply must stand upon our moral and hopefully biblical beliefs. Since I was raised real Irish Roman Catholic, and even spent some time in the English Benedictines (in my 20’s), I have my “opinions”, but hopefully morally and biblically inclined. Personally, as now both Reformational and Reformed, the RCC does appear to come up short to me. I am not anti-Catholic at all (how could I be really, I have some fond memories there), but looking at the RCC today, there are real moral and even theological problems. This must be a real issue for every R. Catholic today I would think!

  22. Fr. ROBERT; speaking of morals; since when do the Catholic Priests say that the Host in the eucharist container is to be put between the womens bra and her breast in order to keep Jesus close to the heart to bring the eucharist to the sick and shut ins?! Never was that ever done until somebody decided to roam with the enemy instead of hearing God! My mothers eucharistic ministery said it was decided on. I don’t want the filth from hell in the Catholic Church! I love my Catholic faith! I am angered everytime I see it! It’s sin! The eucharist is intended by God to be brought in a Holy manner! This is disgraceful! What can be done about this matter? Diana Olson

  23. Diana: Let me say too, that some of my favorite theologians are Roman Catholic: De Lubac, Von Balthasar, and many really that are not as well known, save to us theolog types. But for the most part, they are before the Lord, ‘asleep in the body’. But, the RCC has never known what to do with the whole of Vatican II! That thing is far from “infallible”! I remember when Ratzinger wrote about liturgical reform, and they have had some window dressing changes, but turning the priest back towards the altar? I can remember after Vatican II, when one of my Irish priests would only do Mass with a small crucifix on the altar before him! Indeed the Catolic Church is under assault, but now from within, as well as from without! This is just postmodernity, with the devil at the lead! He is slowly blowing on the whole Church

  24. Fr. Corapi,

    You are in my prayers. I hope that everything works out as God wills it. I am troubled with your words about the Church and the flawed system. I understand, if the allegations are false, that this is a HUGE cross. I can appreciate the grave injustice, again, if the allegations are false. I believe that God overcomes the flaws of our human nature and institutions. If He wills that your innocence be known, it will happen. God isn’t confined to our limitations. I ask you to prayerfully consider what you have said regarding the Church.

  25. Fr. Robert; thankyou for responding. Yes, the battle rages on. When I was 7 years of age the Preist was turned toward the crucifix in during part of the mass. That always bothered me because, even though he had a type of microphone I couldn’t hear everything he was saying. I appreciate face to face conversing. Jesus never spoke to His flocks with His back turned to them. With all due respect, I’m not comfortable with the Preists back turned toward the flock. After all, the Preist represents Jesus when he’s leading the mass. Alot has changed in the Catholic Church since I was a child growing up. Pope John Paul The Great, God bless him, stopped or prevented wars by praying the Holy Rosary. His faith in God was so powerful while he was on earth. He will always be an inspiration through Jesus to me. The Mass, the Eucharist, Confession, and the Holy Rosary. Jesus reigns in all of these. The prophecy about losing our Catholic Preists unsettles me. No Preist, no Eucharist. I’ll keep praying for all of you who are in the Preisthood. The nuns too. Diana Olson

  26. I was so concerned about the Eucharist that I failed to mention the Holy Bible. So vitaly important! Diana Olson

  27. Fr. Robert; I’m a lay passionist. I LOVE the Holy Passion of Jesus deeply! Do you know of a Passionist Nun or Passionist Preist who has a blog like Fr. Smuts where I don’t have to have a Cookie to leave a comment about my love for Jesus in his Holy Passion? Diana Olson

  28. Diana,

    I am sorry I don’t know of any Catholic “Passionist” sites myself. And btw, we Christians all should love the passion of Christ! (Gal.3:1)..we must keep it before our hearts & minds!

    As to our good Fr. Smuts, I have found him to be about as fair and honest, as a blogger can be, especially toward Rome. Btw, I think he is in the process of the Anglicanorum Coetibus? This process might be a bit harder for him too in South Africa? I know he would appreciate our prayers!

  29. Rev.. John Caropi, I have always admired and respected you and I believe you are doing God’s Will. If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me,

    Most Rev. Stanley R. Monaghan
    Russian Orthodox Church of the Mother of God in America

  30. dear father corapi, i will always love you , respect you and never doubt your devout love of Christ, please have the faith in Our Lady as you taught us. It was your teachings that brought me back to the church after 30 yrs. i will pray for you to the Holy Spirit to help those who have hurt you so. please know how much you are still loved, and missed……..anne gallagher. phila.

  31. John, my love, though we go through this enduring time of sacrifice together, remember that I love you so and pray for you everyday my sweet, gentle John. I’ll never leave you my love. Your devoted love forever, Diana Olson

  32. Fr. Robert; now that the false peace of the One World Global Religion is here in these dark times, there’s a big wafer for communion with a different design on it. The Eucharistic minister for my mother said “we are one” instead of The Body Of Christ. I put a stop to it saying, “No! It’s The Body Of Christ.” The minister said they do it differently now. I wouldn’t allow it. She finally did it the right way. I will not allow my mother’s soul to be led away from God. The Host is The Body Of Christ. We receive Jesus in communion. Those most Holy Words MUST remain in communion! People who are ASLEEP don’t speak up! They just let the ABOMINATION happen! How long has my John Corapi been saying WAKE UP AMERICA!! Diana Olson

    1. Diana: There is certainly that liberal, postmodern and secular group in Roman Catholicism today! Btw, we must all beware of syncretism, note this is also even among the so-called emergent groups, who call themselves “Evangelical”.

  33. Only in time will we find out where the heart of John Corapi is. At first I was shocked to tears about what happened, but the more information I get, the more confident I am that the Father Corapi that we know is still there. God can use him even without the priesthood. I cannot wait to see what happens. Personally, I think that he will focus on social issues in the short run.

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