Fr Z on Fr Corapi

Fr John Zuhlsdorf  (who was Ordained with Fr Corapi) writes:

I haven’t written much about Fr. John Corapi, because I honestly don’t know much about what is going on.  I don’t know the details.   But I am sad to read that he is leaving active ministry.  I am profoundly sad.

Fr. Corapi and I were ordained together, by John Paul II, in 1991.  I didn’t know him at that time.  After ordination I think I only ran into him twice, at conferences were we were both speakers.  So, I don’t know him.  I don’t know what is up with his life or situation and I won’t speculate.  Nevertheless, by that tendril connection of our ordination, I have imagined a kind of bond with him and all the other men scattered across the world, even though I didn’t know most of them personally.

So, I don’t have much to say about Fr. Corapi.  I do have a few things to say about the circumstances surrounding this sad announcement…

See what he has to say here.

For the whole Fr Mr Corapi (or The Black Sheep Dog) matter, click here.


2 thoughts on “Fr Z on Fr Corapi

  1. Father Z…If someone would please remind Father Joe to refresh himself on the Epistle of St. Jude 9.

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