Fr Corapi: The Black Sheep Dog is Unleashed!

The Black Sheep Dog is unleashed

As the saying goes: “the cat is out of the bag!”  Well, in this case… dog?

The rest of what he has to say is in MP3 format:

Click above or here


4 thoughts on “Fr Corapi: The Black Sheep Dog is Unleashed!

  1. Sadly, though our beleaguered priest has injustice to contend with, the recording is also full of divisive criticisms of the Church. He says he doesn’t hold it against the Church, yet his explicit catalogue of statements against the Church, says otherwise. Unfortunately this continues to be about him rather than ‘the sheep’. I was prepared to be reassured, but much of the content did not reassure me, even though I feel very sad about the false accusations.

    Scenario: Say I feel my parents are unjust. Do I show forgiveness, and give blessing to others, by publicly revealing, point by point, the times they have failed me? No, something is wrong with me, with my attitudes, if I did that.
    Nevertheless may God bless him, heal him and his ‘followers’ , and may God bring about the repentance of his accusers.

  2. There was a comment one time about the fact that priests on the left are never set upon. Those on the right are thrown out of the church. Here in Boston never was this so true.
    In the end we win. With the grace of God save us all.
    Ralph Briggs
    C.M., N.A.

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