Fr Corapi to Post Audio Clips of ‘Alcoholic and Troubled’ Accuser – Update

Since posting his intentions yesterday (see below), The Black Sheep Dog has had a change of heart:

Friends, I AM listening.  And, am so thankful for the opportunity to be in communication with you.

I have decided to not release those audio tapes.

I am reminded of the story in Exodus of Moses, Aaron and Hur.  Just as Moses needed the support of Aaron and Hur, I need you.  I am so thankful.

God Love You and God Bless You!


Fr Corapi a.k.a. The Black Sheep Dog has more:

Many have asked, or criticized, me concerning the reason I filed a civil defamation suit against the accuser in this case. It is because the two men I respect most in the Catholic Church advised me to do so.  Fr. James Flanagan, Founder and most respected member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, and Bishop Rene Gracida, the former Bishop of Corpus Christi, had a meeting on this matter. The result was that they advised me strongly to file a civil defamation suit. Why would they do this? Because they felt it was the only way I could receive a fair and just hearing. This advice was conveyed to me through Fr. Tony Anderson of the Society of Our Lady.

Concerning money, most people know me through radio and television. My broadcasts for 17 years on both radio and television were absolutely free to the public. I was never paid for them by EWTN or any radio station, nor did EWTN or any radio station ever charge anyone to view them. The past several years I never charged a fee to speak at events either. Furthermore, I have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to various Catholic organizations, and directed millions more from benefactors that wanted to give it to me. I did not accept charitable contributions, although I could have received millions.

The Bishop’s star witness against me is an alcoholic and troubled person that I tried to help for years. I provided the Church with evidence as to this accuser’s credibility very early on. There are two hours of audio telephone messages that clearly demonstrate this person’s serious lack of credibility. We shall be posting some of these audio clips in the future. You can decide if this person sounds sober and/or sane.


South Africa Proclaims Michelle Obama ‘Queen Of Our World’…

Not all of us I can assure you!

Johannesburg, South Africa— Speaking at a Soweto church thrust onto the front lines of the fight against apartheid, First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday urged young South Africans to conquer hunger and AIDS and to end violence against women.

Addressing a crowded Regina Mundi Church, she singled out 76 young women from across Africa who were here for a U.S.-sponsored leadership forum. A White House official put the crowd count at 2,000.”

Obama was introduced by Graca Machel, wife of former President Nelson Mandela. Obama, here for a weeklong official visit, met the 92-year-old Mandela on Tuesday

Referring to the U.S. first lady, Machel said: “We welcome you as a daughter of Africa — and we can call you the ‘queen of our world.’”

Obama called on those gathered to work to eliminate poverty, inequality and injustice, ending her 34-minute address by reprising her husband’s 2008 campaign slogan, four times exhorting them: “Yes we can.

“Yes we can.

“Yes we can.

“Yes we can.”…

Yeah, yeah… whatever…

Bible Archaeology

New Synagogue Excavations In Israel and Beyond

The article is in the latest edition of Biblical Archaeology Review:

It seems like almost everywhere archaeologists dig in the eastern Galilee these days, they are coming up with ancient synagogues.

In 2007, a third–fourth-century C.E. synagogue with beautifully decorated mosaic floors depicting Biblical episodes was discovered at the site of Khirbet Wadi Hamam outside Tiberias; just last summer, European archaeologists digging only 4 miles away, at Horvat Kur, announced that they, too, had found a synagogue, probably dating at least a century later.
Perhaps the most exciting recent synagogue discovery in Israel was in Magdala, reputedly the home of Mary Magdalene. (Was this the synagogue she regularly attended?) On the shore of the Sea of Galilee, the newly discovered Magdala synagogue, excavated by archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), is one of only seven uncovered in Israel that was in use during the first century C.E., when the Jerusalem Temple still stood. The others include Masada, Herodium and Gamla, with which BAR readers are familiar. Other possible examples have been excavated at Herodian Jericho, Qiryat Sefer and Modi’in.
During the first century C.E., Magdala was a significant fishing village with a major port on the Sea of Galilee, as revealed in recent Italian excavations led by Stefano De Luca (under the general direction of the late Michele Piccirillo). Today the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee is much lower than in ancient times and the new excavations have revealed boat portals or hookups that today are far from the shore.
The Magdala synagogue from this time is richly decorated with frescoes of colored panels. Mosaics with geometric designs covered the floor. Impressive columns supported the roof. And a strange, nearly 3-foot-long stone block found in the center of the synagogue is elaborately carved on the side and the flat top. Among other reliefs, it features one of the earliest depictions of a seven-branched menorah…

There is more here.


Mother Arrested after Baby Dies in Microwave

Behold the depths of depravity:

US police have arrested a 29-year-old mother after an investigation found her baby died from burns suffered in a microwave oven.


Ka Yang was being held without bail in Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of murder and assault resulting in the death of a child.

She was arrested in Sacramento three months after her otherwise healthy 6-week-old daughter, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, was found dead in the family home on March 17.

Police described the child as suffering “extensive thermal injuries.” Officer Laura Peck said the arrest took so long because investigators had to pinpoint what they believe is the cause of death by looking for other cases involving similar injuries.

They found three in the US, all after children were burned in a microwave: in Dayton, Ohio; Galveston, Texas; and New Kent County, Virginia.

“This is rare. The injuries were obviously very unique,” Ms Peck said. “There have been only three other documented cases in the entire country where the injuries were consistent with this case. … Those children were also burned and placed in the microwave.”…

Rest here.

What kind of monsters put children in microwaves?! What evil…