Fr Corapi to Post Audio Clips of ‘Alcoholic and Troubled’ Accuser – Update

Since posting his intentions yesterday (see below), The Black Sheep Dog has had a change of heart:

Friends, I AM listening.  And, am so thankful for the opportunity to be in communication with you.

I have decided to not release those audio tapes.

I am reminded of the story in Exodus of Moses, Aaron and Hur.  Just as Moses needed the support of Aaron and Hur, I need you.  I am so thankful.

God Love You and God Bless You!


Fr Corapi a.k.a. The Black Sheep Dog has more:

Many have asked, or criticized, me concerning the reason I filed a civil defamation suit against the accuser in this case. It is because the two men I respect most in the Catholic Church advised me to do so.  Fr. James Flanagan, Founder and most respected member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, and Bishop Rene Gracida, the former Bishop of Corpus Christi, had a meeting on this matter. The result was that they advised me strongly to file a civil defamation suit. Why would they do this? Because they felt it was the only way I could receive a fair and just hearing. This advice was conveyed to me through Fr. Tony Anderson of the Society of Our Lady.

Concerning money, most people know me through radio and television. My broadcasts for 17 years on both radio and television were absolutely free to the public. I was never paid for them by EWTN or any radio station, nor did EWTN or any radio station ever charge anyone to view them. The past several years I never charged a fee to speak at events either. Furthermore, I have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to various Catholic organizations, and directed millions more from benefactors that wanted to give it to me. I did not accept charitable contributions, although I could have received millions.

The Bishop’s star witness against me is an alcoholic and troubled person that I tried to help for years. I provided the Church with evidence as to this accuser’s credibility very early on. There are two hours of audio telephone messages that clearly demonstrate this person’s serious lack of credibility. We shall be posting some of these audio clips in the future. You can decide if this person sounds sober and/or sane.

10 thoughts on “Fr Corapi to Post Audio Clips of ‘Alcoholic and Troubled’ Accuser – Update

  1. Go ahead Fr. Corapi post it ! That’s the best way. Even my circle of friends here are still in doubt. This will prove that the bishop and his cohorts are wrong.

    Jimmy in Canada

  2. We believe you, Father, regarding the accuser whom you have helped for years. I feel it would be a good idea to not post some of those audio clips, given that those might be used against your case. We are protecting you, Father. Please seriously think this over. Prayers, Marie-Therese

  3. Choosing not to show your “hand of cards at this time is very wise” We are praying for you Father. I’m happy you clarified all your donation to EWTN etc over the years of time without payemnt thank you! I know you have transformed many lukewarm Catholics into strong Catholics, like myself ( I had the aid of many rosaries from my parents too). God keep you safe and free from harm and may the BVM come to your aid and request her Son to help you in this matter…turning this cross into HIS Glory!

  4. No mention of God….Mass….praying…
    He only responds when there is someone commenting on his “case”
    His website….his money…
    “.com” or “.us”
    Plugs about his VERY EXPENSIVE ….media.
    He does not need the priesthood because that is for “sacraments” and he really didn’t have time for that anyway did he.

    He is creating a “us & them” war against the bishops…
    The satanic eyes in the for the “sheepdog”
    He sounds like a con artist. I used to follow him…but now I am angry. SO many people are upset…and he does not even care….

    He only wants vengance against the church…”You follow the church” (his quote)
    because he won’t. (is not)

    He is kicking back in his compound while we are all freaking out like a bunch of lost sheep. He fell and that is it. Obviously he was VERY involved in this woman’s life..maybe he did help her…but she is saying NOTHING about him….she went to the Bishop…. but he is posting things about her all over the media!

    Does this sound like a priest to you?

    and asking us to Never Surrender..
    Dis one of the most influential Priests have to toss his priesthood out the door like trash…on YOU TUBE? Bssh the Bishops? This man HATES the church…Look at his ICON….it is evil….

    Look to Jesus…he is infallible…so is his church…

    Fr. Corapi.. talked the talk and then he WALKED!


    1. If a Priest is falsely accused by someone about morals and sins, He has a duty to refute those claims and prove that the claims are false if he can. I watched the 3 American Bishops conferences after the priest abuse of children became widely known. I was ashamed of most of them for being in denial of any sin on there part from moving sexual abusers from place to place and bribing the parents to not report the sexual abuse to the Vatican. I am not surprised that Father Corapi felt he couldn’t get a fair trial it the hands of the bishops

  5. Priests are being accused right and left of being deviants. Standing up for your honor is the only way spurious accusations against priests is going to be stopped. I believe a man is innocent until proven guilty. Until I see evidence otherwise, I am for the rights of the priest, who in this case especially is not accused of anything criminal. I look forward to Fr. Corapi’s vigorous defense of his good name in a court of law.

  6. Father your headline is inaccurate. Father Corapi originally said he was CONSIDERING posting recordings.

  7. Fr. Corapi- The truth will set you free. Unfortunately, some of our bishops do not have the intestional fortitude to proclaim it or search for it because of personal embarassment. We pray that Mary will guide you through this and keep you safe.
    P.M. Nova Scotia

  8. I have always felt the church was way to eager to give in and not use all legal remedies available and as a result many people filed false claims. I lived in Louisiana when the Bishop”s office was burglarized and office files stolen. These were very expensive lessons. Fr. Corapi should use the civil courts as any citizen would.

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