South Africa Proclaims Michelle Obama ‘Queen Of Our World’…

Not all of us I can assure you!

Johannesburg, South Africa— Speaking at a Soweto church thrust onto the front lines of the fight against apartheid, First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday urged young South Africans to conquer hunger and AIDS and to end violence against women.

Addressing a crowded Regina Mundi Church, she singled out 76 young women from across Africa who were here for a U.S.-sponsored leadership forum. A White House official put the crowd count at 2,000.”

Obama was introduced by Graca Machel, wife of former President Nelson Mandela. Obama, here for a weeklong official visit, met the 92-year-old Mandela on Tuesday

Referring to the U.S. first lady, Machel said: “We welcome you as a daughter of Africa — and we can call you the ‘queen of our world.’”

Obama called on those gathered to work to eliminate poverty, inequality and injustice, ending her 34-minute address by reprising her husband’s 2008 campaign slogan, four times exhorting them: “Yes we can.

“Yes we can.

“Yes we can.

“Yes we can.”…

Yeah, yeah… whatever…


2 thoughts on “South Africa Proclaims Michelle Obama ‘Queen Of Our World’…

  1. There is only one Queen of the World and her name is not Michelle.. It’s Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth.. I pray for the poor souls at the Regina Mundi Catholic Church.

    God Bless and Pray Fast and Sacrifice for our sad country and the world.

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