Fr Corapi: Please Understand This, I Have Not Left The Church

The Black Sheep Dog is beginning to work on my nerves:
I am sincerely thankful to all of you that have been kind and charitable, and also those that have perhaps been something less than that. Everyone has their opinions, and a perfect right to them. I respect that…

I think it’s a bit too easy to arrive at an erroneous conclusion when you base it on a fallacious presupposition. For instance, some very kind and fine people assume that I have “left the Church.” Please, understand this, I have not left the Church. I love the Catholic Church and would not “leave the Church.” I have resigned from public ministry, which is rather anticlimactic to be sure since I was out of it anyhow due to the suspension or “administrative leave,” which is tantamount to suspension. There are elements of this that you don’t know about, and that’s not your fault.

Once a man is ordained a priest he remains a priest for all eternity. Holy Orders is one of the three sacraments that imprints an indelible mark on the soul. What the Church can give or remove is “faculties”, which authorizes the person to publicly administer the sacraments. I always cringe when I hear “he’s not a priest anymore.” If he ever was, he still is. …

Please don’t think I don’t value the sacraments. I do. However, the public administration of the sacraments was never what the Church told me to do. They sent me to preach. The two are not mutually exclusive. They are complimentary. Not all of the members of the Body of Christ are the same, but they are all necessary, noble, and holy.

Some of you have thought I might have acted too fast and not given the Church enough time to complete their investigation. You could be right, but you also don’t know the facts like I do. The utter disregard for our reasonable requests and certain statements made by the lawyer for the Society of Our Lady confirmed to us that they would not complete the investigation so long as I insisted in exercising my civil and human rights. That is a dead horse. Why beat it? My lawyers would not allow me to continue unless ten questions were answered regarding the nature of the process—simple reasonable questions. They ignored the request for 6 weeks and still ignore it. These weren’t rocket science questions. At a future time we’ll publish the entire letter and the questions.

For about ten years I have been attacked, threatened, and endured extortion attempts. The leadership of the Church never lifted a finger to help me in any way with this. Every time someone gets angry with me or decides they want a payday I have to go through hell with no help from the leadership of the Church. I admit I have grown weary of that. The trauma created by all of the sexual abuse of minors scandals has warped the judgment of some in authority. They are running scared. I believe in my case they panicked. “We don’t know if the dog is rabid, but let’s shoot him in the head just in case.” Well, this black sheep of a sheepdog has been “shot in the head” before and lived to tell about it. I’ll be telling about it for awhile longer.

The name “The Black Sheep Dog” is the title of my autobiography, a title which I came up with about a year and a half ago. That title was, by the way, stolen by a person who worked for me while they were working for me, attempting to secure internet domain names under that title. That is in effect a violation of federal intellectual property laws since I have both registered trademarks and copyright on that title. The title is simply the combination of a black sheep, that would be me; and a sheepdog, that would also be me. The concept of a sheepdog guarding the flock is certainly biblical and also an idea I gleaned from an article from LTC Dave Grossman, which we’ll post for you to read at a future date, or you can read it on the internet where it has been circulating for some time.

Listen my friends, I realize this situation is less than ideal. I don’t like it either, but under the circumstances I honestly believed and still do that I had one of two choices to make:

1. Crawl under a rock and quietly die; or

2. Don’t crawl under the rock and don’t die. I feel that I still have something to offer.

The leadership of the Church has made it clear to me they don’t want me anymore. They have a right to do that and I have to accept that. So, I’ll do what I can outside of the Church. I’m not leaving the Church. I am simply doing something else in life so that I won’t wither up and die, and so that you can still derive some benefit from my gifts from God. It may not be as good as before, or it may be better. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not going to disobey the Church and attempt to “minister” as a priest, and I’m not going to lay down and die. I’m not ready to do that just yet. As a matter of fact, you might be pleasantly surprised at what’s in our future. Stay in touch. We may not have the old meeting places anymore, but we have some new ones and I would like to meet you there. Until next time this is the Black SheepDog, unleashed and very much alive.

The whole post can be read here.

10 thoughts on “Fr Corapi: Please Understand This, I Have Not Left The Church

  1. Fr Corapi can’t repair this, you can’t, no one on either side of the issue can, but God alone.
    Father, Son, Holy Spirit, we ask You to accept every aspect of the situation, and every person in any way involved or affected, or denied by all that has happened, has fallen by the wayside, has thought and said and felt.
    Please inspire and heal and begin anew in every area and process, and in every soul affected. We humbly ask this of You to whom “nothing is impossible”. Luke 1:37, Matthew 19:26

  2. So, if it “works on your nerves” why are you still following it?

    In re-reading this, it sounds a bit snarky. Sorry….I can’t seem to find a good grouping of words to ask what is a very honest question. If you disagree with or disapprove of Corapi’s actions, I get that. I think a lot of people agree with you. But why would you feel the need to announce that it is “getting on your nerves”? It seems like there’s just nowhere Christ-like to go from that statement…..

    Again, sorry if I offend. It’s truly not my intention. GBU and your blog.

    1. I think what he has done, and the way he has is wrong. I also wish he would just make up his mind and so being so sensationalistic about the whole thing. Why follow? Because it is news worthy and affects the Church, others, and the good name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  3. Fr Stephen, let me ask you. Is it wrong to state that what he is doing is wrong and to admonish him for what he is doing? That is what I have done on his blog. I have not accused him of any crimes, but I have stated what I think he has done wrong and that he needs to come back to the church and do what the church wants him to do.

    We are not to judge, but are we also not to stand up for what is right? Are we to let others do as they please with no statements or actions of our own?

    1. After reading about the corrupt civil law investigation, trial and
      life-sentencing to prison of Fr Gordon MacRae (who did obey and trust
      the church to justly handle his case), I need to hear more about this
      and think more about Fr Corapi’s decision to halt the canon
      proceedings and go with a civil suit. After what I read today on Fr
      MacRae’s case (he’s in year 17 of a 67 year prison sentence), I’d be
      scared to death of having to sit and wait on the church’s findings.



  4. Padre Pio said it is not the vestments that priests wears that makes them holy but their works. If the Church had deemed his work to be unholdy works, why haven’t they done anything for 20 years? I have listened to his talks…they are not heretic and he is not a fraud as one priest claimed he is. The fact that he is not afraid to speak up..even against some bishops..shows they, the latter have a bone to pick with him! They are letting him be skewered because they want him disgraced and gone. It is the hierachy of the church that had brought disrepute not the words of a man like Fr. Corapi who simply told the truth as it is. When Jesus was brought to trial ..did He not say…”why do you ask me what I said…ask those who heard me…I have preached openly in the synagoues…’. In the 20 years, did the Church think he was a heretic…if so, what did the Church or his superiors do? They did nothing…Why? Because there was no error in what Fr. Corapi preached. He preached the truth! Now, they hang him out to dry because they are simply settling a score! Fr. Corapi said he endured more than 10 years of extortion, blackmail …and the church nor his superiors did a thing to help him. He had to fight those fights himself. So, why shouldn’t he be fighting this latest battle? Those who now ask him to be like Pio or some other saints…well, he is just being Fr. Corapi! He has been fighting such tirades for the last 10 years so why are you suggesting that he now gives himself over like Pio or others? The way the church moves in the abuse of minors by pedophile priests is enough to tell me that the church’s process is flawed..and perhaps, those who moved slowly are themselves afraid to cast any stones because they know in themselves they are flawed and the reasons why they do what they do. They just want a slow and painful death for someone they dislike and hide behind the ‘holy’ vestments they wear. But God is great. He sees all things, knows all things and in His time, He will show all things.
    What can we do but commend Fr. Corapi to our Lord Jesus and Holy Mary.

  5. I agree Mary. Father Corapi said the charges in the TV rape case cost him $5000 and 3 days of agonizing about his future in the Church. God knows how much this ordeal will cost him and I am not talking about money. I am thinking of his reputation, his credibility, and most of all his vocation. Some of which can NEVER be restored, even if he is found as innocent as newly fallen snow. There will always be those who will doubt him, those who will say the civil case was flawed,the verdict wrong. Only Father, his accuser and God knows the total truth in this case. When people internalize this fact ,maybe some of this malicious talk will stop.
    As you so truthfully stated he has NEVER erred in his preaching. How many of us have ever heard preaching and teaching in our parishes like his? I can’t remember ever hearing a sermon on contraception, abortion, gay marriage,fornication,divorce ,women’s ordination or the precepts of the Church. Oh, and what about of the one everyone one needs to hear, how to dress properly for Mass and how one is to act and prepare one’s self for receiving the Eucharist ? Of course when you believe that the host is just a circle of tasteless bread, as do the majority of Catholics- nearly 70%, then I suppose you feel you may come to church dressed like your average street walker or beach bum . Why not laugh and talk in the communion line? How many times has Father Corapi preached on these topics? Hundreds !
    People MUST hear these things , and Father Corapi is one of the voices crying out in the desert ; Repent and turn to the Lord!
    The world is in a mess because the Church,, I’m not just talking about the Catholic Church, is in a mess! People should see Christians as being different than the average Joe or Jane. Truth is , we aren’t. We practice divorce, abortions, same sex unions etc. just like everyone else. No wonder people don’t want to be a Christian.
    I pray that our Blessed Lord and His loving Mother will intercede in this matter and Father Corapi will be back doing what he does best, preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ, His plan for our salvation, devotion to His Blessed Mother Mary, and the fullness of faith found in the Catholic Church.

  6. “For about ten years I have been attacked, threatened, and endured extortion attempt”,(Father Corapi).

    When you preach the truth about the Word of God, you will become a target, even in the Church, sadly, because the enemies of the Lord are in the Church too.

    Did they win?

    In the world, you will be discredited and attacked, threatened, and forced to endure types of extortion. In the world, where will you find help? When you’ve left the only safe place of defense, especially against the devil’s attacks, where can you possibly be safe now?

    Even within the Church walls, there was safety,- even though you were attacked there, so was St. John of the Cross. He trusted Jesus and Mary, and see how he escaped the imprisonment they unjustly imposed on him.
    If Jesus and Mary protected you within the Church, how can you expect them to protect you in the same way now? If you are successful outside the priesthood, wouldn’t that send a message to other priests and religious that there is no difference inside or outside of the Church? That running away is OK?. What example does that give for future priests?

    Today, we need heroics.
    Father, you denied that you had relations with the ex-employee, but did you have relations with a prostitute for many years while a priest, as your Order claims?

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