Michael Voris on Fr John Corapi… and the Blogs

Fr. Corapi and his decisions and recent actions are NOT the topic of this Vortex. What IS the topic is the Catholic Media’s response to his actions.

The sanctimonious and self-righteous condemnation of Fr. John Corapi is frankly disgusting.

And let me be very clear .. this is not a defense or condemnation of his actions.

Frankly .. I don’t know enough about the case to have an opinion. There are lots and lots of unanswered questions.

But again .. his actions and decisions are not the topic here today. The tone of the “professional Catholics” on the internet however is.

And yes .. we said TONE. Faithful orthodox Catholics who are sick of the corruption in the hierarchy . sexual .. financial and political .. are constantly being slammed for the amorphous TONE issue .. as in too much Clarity but not enough Charity.

Well .. if how these professional Catholics have ripped and derided Fr. Corapi is what they mean by charity .. then they need to go back to catechism 101…

See what else he has to say:

4 thoughts on “Michael Voris on Fr John Corapi… and the Blogs

  1. Amen! As usual, Michael Voris is right on track. They should team up…they’d be a powerful force in the Church!

  2. Best thing I’ve heard about this in nearly a week. He’s 100% correct about the “professional Catholics” online. Most of them are in it just for the $$$$$.

  3. Thank you Michael for this video ,hope people will stop putting Fr Corapi ,a good priest and always a priest ,i have a lot of Fr Corapi dvds and he always spoke the truth ,he speak the word of God and is not afraid to say what must be said, like you say all the time speak the truth .Peaple needed to hear this video today ,enough is enough ,and why are priest and bishop not doing nothing to help Fr Corapi ,its sad very sad ,when a holy priest is put aside like a piece of rag ,after all these yrs delivering the word of God ,one s against thank you and i enjoy your show and watch it every day.

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