Pope Benedict XVI Marks 60 Years as a Priest

The Catholic Herald reports:

Celebrating Mass with archbishops from 25 countries, Pope Benedict XVI reflected on his 60 years as a priest, calling it a demanding and “awe-inspiring” ministry that brought him closer to God.

The Pope’s unusually personal recollection came on the anniversary of his priestly ordination in Bavaria in 1951 and the feast of Ss Peter and Paul, the patron saints of Rome.

During the three-hour-long Mass, he gave 41 archbishops the woollen pallium as a sign of their communion with the pope and their pastoral responsibility as shepherds. Among them were four prelates from the United States, including Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, as well as Archbishop George Stack of Cardiff.

The liturgy in St Peter’s Basilica began with a fanfare of trumpets. The Pope smiled as he processed toward an altar ringed with flowers, pausing to greet Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.

The Pope devoted most of his homily to his 60 years of priestly ministry, and twice he excused himself for perhaps speaking too long about his recollections. He said he felt he had to look back on “the things that have left their mark”…

Read more here.

And here’s a video of that event, some sixty years back:


One thought on “Pope Benedict XVI Marks 60 Years as a Priest

  1. Wow! I’m 61, closing on 62.. and things have so changed in those 60 years! Those black and white pic’s bring back so much, and my own Irish family and life which is really gone now. This text comes to mind.. Daniel 12:4. So much more “knowledge” today, and yet ‘the faith’ itself is being diminished! (Jude 3-4) And yet today too, so many Christians appear “asleep”! (Note, Matt. 25:1-13)

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